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Utiliscan Case Analysis Essay

            The main concerns Paul should have informed the management of are that of the workplace environment, lack of motivation in the employees as there are no scope of improvement and there are no job promotions. Other thing that should be addressed is the relationship between the pay and the performance as it can demoralizes the employee whose performance is good and the pay is not. The favoritism with some employees is also not a good practice. And the benefits provided to the employees should be looked upon as well. 

            The main concern here is that almost 45% of the employees are not satisfied with the health conditions in the workplace. Of all the things if there is a danger to the health of the employee it will always be a concern for the name of the company. Providing a safe workplace to its employees is the best way to do business, if the employees are not satisfied with the health conditions of their workplace they might not be able to perform well and give their best to the company. Therefore it is necessary that the workplace environment should be safe and healthy foe the employees to work in. There

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should be regular checks done on the condition of the machines, if they are needed to be replaced they should be immediately as they can cause a disturbance in the work and it can be dangerous to the health of the employee. If hiring a new employee to keep a check on the machines is not possible then one of the employees should be trained well to keep the check and cut the cost of the additional supervisor. There should be disaster plans so that employees will know what should be done if any disaster happens at the workplace.

            After the workplace environment it’s the employees and their problems which should be taken care of. As most of the employees think there is no scope of improvement in their skills this could be due to the lack of training programs where the employees are helped to enhance their skills and polish them for the benefits of the company. Therefore there should be different training programs and all the employees should be asked to attend them. Then there should be a proper assessment of the work of the employees with the help of a senior in the management, this could be done through questionnaires, personal visits to the workplace, etc. Through assessment it will be made sure that all the employees are treated fairly and favoritism is eliminated from the workplace. There should be a link between the performance and the pay of the employees. If there is no wage system being followed then the most appropriate system is the piece rate system which incorporates the performance of the employee and the relationship to the pay. There should be other programs like overtime payment if an employee is willing to work and other bonus schemes to make the employee interested in the work they are doing rather than making it seem like some boring day to day routine.

            Motivation is another factor which is lacking in the company. This is due to the several reasons. One of them being the scope of improvement, if an employee thinks there is no further scope to improve his skills he will be bored with the work he is doing and then there will be many loop holes through which the employee can misguide the management. Therefore in order to make the interest of the employee in the company different programs should be done as even mentioned above.

            The most important of all is the benefits being provided to the employees are not up to the mark. Most of the employees were working with good companies, which provided them with benefits with the pay but here they feel that the benefits below average. Therefore it is necessary that the management looks into the matter and provides its employees with the basic benefits at least which will bring the satisfactory feeling within the employees that when the company is in better position (financially) there benefits will be better. Another way of making the employees feel that they are part of the organization is through giving them shares and options to buy shares in the company. This way the employees have a feeling of being the part of the company and will motivate them to perform better for the company.

            The programs mentioned above to train the employees will not cost much as they are already very skilled workers and will take less time to understand the main points of the training session and this could be done by the senior member of the management who has the knowledge about the operations, how they work and what are the ways to improve the performance of the company. One of the ways to show the employees that they are important is to make sure that they are involved in the meetings and they can raise their points and arguments. Their suggestions should be considered and rather than focusing on what the books say on employee motivation suggestions of the employees should be followed.

            Then there is the problem of promotion. Employees feel that there is no scope of better performance and therefore there is no scope of promotion even. Therefore teams should be made amongst the employees where there are different levels assigned to different members of the team and their jobs are divided so that they have certain scope of promotion that is if they do better they can be promoted to higher level like being the team leader, etc. There can be different ways to differentiate between the levels of the team, this can be through the wages or even the benefits provided to them.

            Most of the things suggested above do not really require a lot of money rather they require proper delegation of duties and proper staffing through clever employee management. Training programs and supervision can be conducted with the help of the senior level management staffs. The only process that would require money would be in providing a healthy and safe workplace to its employees. Where there can be a need of changing the machine and there could be maintenance even (About, 2010). Therefore the whole process can be effectively managed without a lot of money but with proper skills and management.


About, (2010), retrieved on 19 July 2010, < http://humanresources.about.com/od/managementandleadership/u/manage_people.htm>

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