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Web Assignment & Al Jazeera

Two very recent features in the Al Jazeera website are the update of the situation at the Gaza and the other is the consent of the government of Palau to accept Uighur detainees from Guantanamo. Hamas control of the Gaza Strip is seen both ways. One, is that Hamas’ action was to stop crime, corruption, lawlessness in Gaza, and also to foil the attempt of the US-backed Fatahs’ attempt to seize power from them, who legitimately won the elections. The other opinion was that Hamas seized power through violent means and brought a major setback to the efforts for statehood by the Fatah/PLO.

What happened in Gaza did not move it forward. Ideally, if an enduring peace is desired Hamas must not be ignored. Life in Gaza has been made more destitute by the conflicts. The other article is the willingness of the government of Palau to accommodate 17 ethnic detainees to rebuild their lives in the country. In exchange US had pledge $200 million in long-term development assistance. The Uighurs came from the far western part of China who experienced repression from the Chinese government. China accused them of terrorism and separatism.

They were captured in Pakistan and turned over to the US military, at a time when the US offered bounties for those suspected with Al-Qaeda links. They were brought to Guantanamo, tried and were not found to be security threats. However, they were not returned to China for fear of further persecution. Al Jazeera brings balanced reportage. It tells the story as it happened, giving both sides of an issue. It conforms to the journalistic standards and code of ethics that it had set for their network to adhere to.

Its approach is global and it stands on high moral ground in news reporting. All the above are evident in their website contents. As for the technical side, it is easy to navigate. International users have several languages to choose from. It is the website’s added value.

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