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The use of website is considered to be an effective marketing On-line marketing is considered to be the most expensive yet seems to be the most comprehensive marketing strategy that every company wish to have. Nowadays, people especially those who are in the business arena tend to make themselves engage with the trend of the rapid growth of technology in order to stay competitive. If people surf the internet, there are many companies who have their own website and thousands of advertisement are open in just a matter of an hour. Website is available for any firm who wants to make each and every individual aware of their existence.

Winery is a business that may be demanded by consumers from generation to generation, it is important that every owner of the company should build their own website and use the internet, not only to get information from other company but to make the information of their company be available to each consumer and competitor. Hence, this paper will provide an outline of what might be the companies website is like, the essential information of the company and its products and other important facts about the company to be able to get

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the attention of their target market.

These will be the information that can be seen in this winery’s website. As can be seen, first part of the website is the welcome page which contains the slide presentation and brief information about the company. This website will include such in order to attract the customer to take a look at the website. Also, brief information of the company will be included so that the customer will be able what will be the website all about. The second part of the outline for the on-line marketing strategy is about the company.

Here, the company’s profile, history, mission and vision, technical information, the vineyards and the people will be included. The company’s profile and history is very important so that that consumer will be able to know more about the company as a whole, how did the company started and how does it became successful. Through this, the company will be able to share its story to others and might become an inspiration for other people who want to build their own business.

Technical Information and the Vineyards including the scenery will also be available for the consumer so that they may know something about how the wine is created and where the main ingredients of the wine came from. People are very important so that the company itself can show their gratefulness to the people who are supporting their company such as the employees and the winemakers. One of the essential parts of any website of a company is the information of the products. About the wines will be the next area in the website.

Here, the name of the wines, wine distinction and the vintage charts of each wines containing the vintage, growing season, comments, cellaring and quality rating of the wines. It is important that the company will be able to show all the information about the products so that the customer will determine which wine would best suit their tastes. Moreover, the distinction or the characteristics of each product is also important to make the customer aware that the company’s wine is different from other wine and provide the customer the assurance that the products will satisfy their needs.

The next part of the outline for the website is the Cellar Door which is composed of the map to cellar door, time and date open, available products and type of distribution. The main objective of this part is to let the consumer be aware of the areas where the products of the company are available. Through this, the consumer will immediately view the locations of the cellar door, when it will be opened to avail their service and products. Specifically, by clicking this site, the consumer will also know the type of distribution that the company is offering.

Other than the products information, it is also valuable to have a site for the customer of the company. A company may not be successful if they do not have any customer to buy their products. The customer part of the website will include customer care, testimonials, video and newsletter. The customer care is put along with the contact number and the e-mail address so that the company will be able to know all the comments of the consumer. In this manner, the customer will be aware that if ever the wine does not satisfy them, the company is just a phone call away or just an e-mail away to say their comments.

This will also be useful for the company because they would know easily the comments of their customer and they can immediately act for their customer. Moreover, through this the company will be aware if their product is better enough to satisfy a client. Testimonials are also important to attract other customer. Through the positive testimonials that their regular consumer will give, those who are looking for the right wine might be able to buy the company’s product.

Video and newsletter will be part on-line promotion of the products may it be old or new products. Through this site, the consumer will have information about the past and present happenings within the company and its marketing environment. The next information that will be available for the website of the company is the contact information. This includes a subheading of main headquarter, national distributors and international distributors. It is important that each sub headings must include the company’s main office, fax and phone numbers and the e-mail address.

This is important so that the client or the possible client who wish to avail the wine products of the company will know exactly the nearest location to get the products locally or internationally. With this site also, the consumer will be able to contact the management of the company to get other information for the distribution of the product personally. Next is the site for the events, which contain information about local events, seminars and venue of the company’s events.

This site is also important so that the consumer will be aware of the things that are happening within the company. If they have time to join the company, they will know where the local events and seminars would be held and all other information about such events, like parties, consumer gatherings and sales information. Last but definitely not the least is the purchase part. This site is as important as the products and the customer part within the website of the company. Purchase includes information about how to buy, offers, pricelist of each wine, on line stores and order form.

With this site, the consumer will easily know how the products of the company will be avail. Different offerings will be given in this part so that the consumer may determine which products are limited only, which products are for sale and which products are available for different occasions. Furthermore, the consumer will easily know the price of the wines that they wanted to buy. The website of the company will also include the online store plus the order form of the company for the benefit of the regular consumers and the consumers to be.

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