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Whch organization i would love to work with

For Microsoft, it has an effective strategy and organization setup that tends to see the organization to continue its position as the market leader in the industry. The reliance on research and development is an effective move that would make the organization to continue to create and develop innovative products. Microsoft is a force to reckon with in the computer a software industry. The organization stands out from the others because of its ability to foreseen the future and provide for the need and desires of customers through its effective simulations and research work.

Outside the dependence on an effective research and development work, the organization have developed many software and programs that would aid business organizations in its management; thus, setting itself as a provider of solution to other business problems. Microsoft Customer Relations Management (CRM) is an example of the many business intelligence software in place to help businesses. With these strategies in place, the organization would continue to lead the industry and tends to determine the pace of changes in the industry and who gets what.

IBM organization has the strategy of maintaining standard and building a dependable workforce. This strategy would endears customers to the organization and make

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it succeed within the nearest future. But in a situation of high dynamic in the industry and change in pattern of technology, the organization may not be able to compete favorably and perform better than Microsoft, due to its inability to come up with innovative products.

According to Brown & Eisenhardt (1998), managing change means reacting to it; it means for example, responding to a competitor’s product move with a better product, adjusting to a new government policy by creating a novel service that exploits the change, or meeting unexpected customer demands with an innovative repackaging of existing products. Also managing change entails anticipating changes where, there should be forecasted insight into what is likely to occur and then positioning the organization for this likely future occurrence.

According to Transworl. edu (2006), “In the current scenario, the most important task was to initiate a long term growth strategy that would sustain IBM’s recovery and spearhead it into the future. An associated issue was whether IBM should be split into smaller entities”. Thus for the organization to stand its ground in the years to come it need to put in place strategy for innovative products. From the analysis above the Microsoft organization have the build up capacity for its workers development and capacity building.

This tends to make workers in this organization to easily actualize their potentials and go the whole length in building a fruitful career. These and other reasons to be explained in this passage would make me want to work n Microsoft organization. Working in Microsoft would bring about job security as the organization that invests in training its staffers would not be in a position to terminate their employment with flimsy excuses. The organization tends to protect its employees and make them build a long career service with them.

It is pertinent to state here that the other two organization have a policy that is directed in building workers capacity, but from the structural framework on ground and managerial pattern in place, Microsoft organization have more solidify programme for its workers actualization of their potentials and development . In contemporary times, organizations’ human resources are seen and treated as the most valued resource; since they make things work for the organization by implementing other resources.

In this view, de Silva (1998), stated tat “the attitude that people are a variable costs, effective HRM, replaced by the view that people are a resource and that as social capital can be developed and can contribute to competitive advantage’. It then means that working for and organization such as Microsoft, the organization would carry out a human resource management that tends to treat its workers as significant tool by which the organization can compete favorably.

In addition, with the organization’s innovative strategy, the views of its workers on innovative ideas would be welcomed, and this tends to be rewarding to the workers as the organization pays great attention to innovative ideas. Furthermore, the reward system and workers compensation in Microsoft is very competitive in the industry. This is another factor that attracts my interest to choose t5he organization among the three case studies. Adequate compensation of staff goes a long way in motivating them to put in more effort in bringing out their best.

Though the Human relation School have it that it does not most times motivates, but the network of informal interrelationship in workplace, however, monetary incentives and good fringe benefits still contribute to staff motivation. For IBM organization, it practices a well structured HR policy for maintaining the stability in its workforce. This is good for the organization, but the individual workers tend to benefit more when the organization places more emphasis on workers capacity building and development for future challenges.

Dell Incorporation trains its workforce on how to maintain the organizational culture for relating with customers in ways that would give them satisfaction. Again, this is good for the strategic plans of the organization I the attainment of its objectives. In terms of workers individual want; capacity building through training and development and adequate compensation goes a long way to making the worker want to stay in the organization and build up a career. This is what Microsoft offers.


Organization operates not in a vacuum; there exist interaction among the members within the organization and those other organizations that carry out business transactions with the organization in question. Thus, the organizational structure determines how interactions within an organization take place. The types of command structure also goes a long way in determine the way decisions flow in the organization and how each staff interaction with his or her fellow workers. Thus, effective organizational structure the organization’s objectives are easily attained with less difficulty.

A complex and unorganized organizational structure and leadership style tend to be dysfunctional to the progressive growth of the organization. Human resource plays a significant role in the successful growth of an organization by implementing the different organization’s resources in order that its objectives are attained. There are many models of organizational structure and leadership pattern. For some organization command flow from bottom to top in terms of information dissemination, in most cases in a typical organization information flow takes the pattern of flowing from top to bottom.

There is also the horizontal flow of information between different departments and diagonal information flow between different levels of staff cadre. The leadership styles include Autocratic leadership style, Democratic leadership style, free reign leadership style and Situational leadership style. From the analysis in this write-up, it is seen that the case studies, IBM, Microsoft, and Dell Incorporation are major actors in the computer manufacturing and software industry. Each of them has its own strategy for making the organization compete favorably in the industrial environment.

For Dell Incorporation, its corporate strategy is structured around giving customers products that would be economical suit their status and taste; hence, tailored configuration of its products are carried out through direct selling. IBM organization tends to maintain the standard of its products and uses this as a strategy for winning customers confidence whenever they utilize them. As for Microsoft its innovative strategy to come out with new product and look into the future need for customers, this has helped keep the organization edge ahead of others.

With the difference in strategic framework the organizations have in one way or the other curve a niche for themselves. It is recommended that the organizations maintain their different corporate culture and organizational strategy. However, it is suffice to say here that more innovative strategies and inves6tement in workers capacity build up need to be inculcated in Dell incorporation and IBM, so as to make them compete favorably with Microsoft organization.


Brown, S. L. & Eisenhardt, K. M. (1998), Competing on the Edge: Strategy as Structured Chaos. Boston, Mass: Harvard Business School Press. Dell official websites (2006)

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