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Win 7- 1-7

A ____ is a collection of computers and users that are identified by a common security database.
In Windows 7, a Gadget can be placed ____.
anywhere on the desktop
The use of 3D effects, animation, and new transparent visual features, called ____, enhances the visually appealing look for Windows 7 and Windows applications.
Aero Glass
____ is an advanced window management feature intended to help organize Individual windows on the screen.
Snap and Shake
When a computer has multiple network connections in Windows 7, all connections share the same active network location profile.
In Windows 7, the standard protocol for computers to format and exchange data across a network is IPX.
To add security and validity to WHQL tested solutions, Microsoft will include digital signatures as part of a hardware’s drivers.
____ systems have more than one physical CPU.
Windows 7 includes a speech recognition system to add an input method beyond the keyboard and mouse.
If a thread is not finished running, perhaps because it had to wait or it was preempted, it is typically restarted on the same processor that previously ran it. This is known as ____.
processor affinity
The ____ (formerly code-named “Indigo”) enables applications to send messages to each other.
Windows Communication Foundation
gives the appearance that the computer is running multiple applications or processes at the same time
allows developers to build applications that follow a logical sequence of events
Windows Workflow Foundation
defines options for adding firmware and hardware to computers to detect low-level tampering before the operating system starts
TPM architecture
software that lets the operating system use the graphics card hardware
Graphics card driver
a part of the .NET Framework 3.5 model that protects a user’s digital identities
Windows CardSpace
For people who use a computer with reduced hardware specifications, the Windows 7 Home Premium edition is the preferred operating system.
A single ____ in Windows represents a collection of data, files, and instructions with a specific purpose while it is running.
____ CPUs have extra hardware built in to allow more than one thread to be processed at the same time on a single CPU.
____ technology assumes that hardware components can be connected or activated at any time while the operating system is running.
Plug and Play
The ____ is a programming model that allows developers to quickly build workflow-enabled applications.
Windows Workflow Foundation
The ____ (formerly code-named “Avalon”) unifies the look and feel of the operating system for developers.
Windows Presentation Foundation
The ____ is a free tool provided by Microsoft to help IT administrators discover which of their existing applications are compatible with Windows 7.
Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)
Graphics cards with a dedicated ____ allow Windows 7 to assign drawing operations directly to it, freeing the processor for other operations.
Graphical Processing Unit (GPU)
____ allows for applications to keep track of a user’s security credentials (user ID and password) for one or more security systems.
Windows CardSpace
A distribution share installation is faster than a DVD boot installation.
____ is used to perform offline servicing of WIM images.
Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM)
The path to the distribution share should always be referred to by the ____ path to ensure that it can be accessed over the network during unattended installations.
Universal Naming Convention (UNC)
A(n) ____ is the subset of files in a distribution share that are required for a particular answer file.
configuration set
Using scripts to manage the installation process cannot ensure consistency.
___ is a graphical utility suitable for migrating user settings and files from one computer at a time.
Windows Easy Transfer
The ____ configuration pass is used to apply packages to a Windows 7 image after it is copied to the computer hard drive, but before it is running.
____ is a limited and non-GUI version of Windows based on Windows 7 technologies that can be used for installing, troubleshooting, and repairing Windows 7.
Windows PE
an XML file used to perform automated installations
Answer file
a graphical tool for configuring unattended installs creating distribution shares.
Windows System Image Manager
helps organizations quickly identify which applications are compatible with Windows 7
Application Compatibility Toolkit
also referred to as an in-place migration
Upgrade installation
used to manage Windows 7 installations that are imaged
Sysprep utility
____ is a command-line tool for managing WIM images.
When you are using ImageX to deploy images with operating systems and applications, you must boot using ____ and connect to the distribution share holding the image file.
In a corporate environment the most common use for Sysprep is preparing workstations to capture an image. This process is known as ____.
For security reasons, Windows 7 is less modular than previous versions of Windows.
Windows PE includes networking components and allows you to use current Windows drivers for network connectivity.
When ImageX is combined with ____, you can completely automate the deployment process to include partitioning and formatting hard drives
Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
Windows 7 maximizes user involvement during attended installation.
____ is included as part of the WAIK to create, modify, and apply workstation images
An ____ installation requires you to manually start and perform the installation.
The ____ configuration pass is applied during the user out-of-box experience (OOBE).
The ____ installation method is the least suitable method for a large volume of computers.
DVD boot
A(n) ____ installation requires computers to be booted into Windows PE from removable storage and then run the Windows 7 installation from a distribution share.
distribution share
The Tablet PC Settings applet lets you configure settings that are specific to a tablet PC.
The ____ is the number of pixels that are displayed on your monitor or LCD panel. A pixel is a single dot on the screen.
screen resolution
The ____ applet has a wide range of settings that makes Windows 7 easier to use for those with motor, visual, or hearing impairment.
Ease of Access Center
____ is a new feature in Windows 7 that is used to configure file and printer sharing for small peer-to-peer computer networks.
Welcome Center is a place where you can review and resolve system messages.
a place where you can store authentication credentials for logging on to other computers remotely
Credential Manager
a place to review system messages
Action Center
used to store and manage log on credentials for Web sites
Windows CardSpace applet
used to configure the behavior of the taskbar and Start menu.
Taskbar and Start Menu applet
allows computers to communicate with external disks over standard Ethernet networks
Windows 7 requires ____ to manage and communicate with hardware components.
device drivers
The ____ is used to perform tests on the physical memory of a computer running Windows 7.
Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool
The applets in Control Panel can be viewed in a single list by selecting Large icons or Small icons view.
The ____ category in Control Panel includes a wide range of applets for managing Windows 7. Some of the applets are used to configure Windows 7, while others are used for troubleshooting.
System and Security
Windows 7 still supports legacy Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) devices, which sometimes required manual configuration of resources.
The ____ applet lets you configure the display and behavior of Windows Explorer.
Folder Options
____ is a method for displaying small applications called gadgets at the side of the screen.
Desktop Gadgets
Many of the applets in the Network and Internet category are available in Windows XP.
____ is a place where you can review and resolve system messages.
Action Center
____ is a utility that shows basic information about your computer and provides links that allow you to configure system properties.
The System applet
____ indicates how many bits of information are used to store color information about each pixel in the display.
Color depth
By default, Control Panel uses the ____ view, which offers an intuitive way for less experienced computer users to find the Control Panel applet necessary to perform a specific task.
____ is a service in Windows 7 that automatically downloads and installs service packs and security updates.
Windows Update
___ is a central location for viewing network status and detailed network information.
Network and Sharing Center
____ provides quick access to settings commonly used on mobile computers, such as power options, wireless networking, external display settings, and synchronization settings.
Windows Mobility Center
A basic disk can have its space organized into one or more defined areas of storage called ____.
When a computer is first started, its ____ firmware is responsible for initializing the computer.
A ____ volume exists on just a single dynamic disk.
Disk Cleanup is available by selecting the ____ button when viewing the general properties of a drive.
Disk Cleanup
an MMC console snap-in that is usually found as part of the Computer Management utility
Disk Management Console
the first part of the Master Boot Record (MBR)
Boot sector
eixists on two or more dynamic disks and is not fault-tolerant
Spanned volume
term used when describing reserved regions of space on a basic disk
a type of fault-tolerant dynamic disk
Mirrored volume
Each primary partition that is formatted with a file system can be represented in the operating system by a specific folder path called a ____.
mount point
____ disk storage provides a simple means to logically organize disk space.
A striped volume is a ____ solution.
A striped volume exists on a minimum of two dynamic disks, up to a maximum of 64 dynamic disks.
When a new hard disk is added to a computer it is initially configured as a dynamic disk.
Until a new disk is initialized, its status is reported as ____ and the disk cannot be used to store data.
Dynamic volume and basic disk partitions can be deleted using the ____ command-line utility.
Dynamic disk storage provides the flexibility to logically organize disk space across one or more disk drives.
The Disk Management console will report the status of the disk as a(n) ____ when it recognizes that the disk does not belong to that computer.
Foreign Disk
A basic disk can contain only one primary partition.
Most of the partition attributes are stored in a data table that is part of the MBR or GPT specification. This table is commonly called the ____.
partition table
Dynamic disk technology supports ____ types of volumes, some of which can use multiple disks and provide fault tolerance.
The boot sector code is typically written when the operating system is first loaded on the computer and the MBR is created.
On dynamic disks, the blocks of space are called ____ instead of partitions.
Each primary partition that is formatted with a file system can be represented in the operating system by a ____.
drive letter
Partition and volume changes can only be made by a Backup Operator or ____-equivalent user account.
Files and folders on an NTFS file system in Windows 7 cannot use Unicode characters in the filename.
points to a partition or volume formatted with a file system
Drive letter
shows both the alias and the long filenames for all files in that folder
Command dir/X
set by the user or the operating system to hide folders and files from the user
Hidden attribute flag
a legacy file system for read-only CD-ROM media
CD-ROM File System (CDFS)
used to store and organize files on storage devices
File system
The New Technology File System (NTFS) was first introduced with ____ and is supported by Windows 7.
Windows NT
A ____ allows the operating system to store and organize files on a hard disk.
file system
NTFS stores files and folders in a way that looks very similar to the FAT file system.
The ____ is the most important NTFS system file because it is a relational database that provides the starting point for accessing any file on the NTFS partition.
The FAT and NTFS file systems use ____ to describe general information about a file or folder.
Changes in the ownership of a file do not change the amount of data that is considered to belong to a user.
___ was introduced with Windows 95 OSR2 to support hard disks that were becoming much larger than 2 GB in size.
____ copies are a system in which the computer takes a snapshot of files at a specific point in time, and then tracks changes to those files.
____ are used by applications and users as a quick reference to locate files.
Drive letters
The first level of folder in an NTFS partition is the ____ folder.
NTFS partitions are theoretically limited to ____ Terabytes.
It is possible to change the drive letter, or assign a new one, to a partition or volume using the ____ console.
Disk Management
The ACL is a collection of ____ that identify a specific security identifier (that is, who) can perform a given action (that is, what) to a file or folder.
Access Control Entries (ACE)
The choice of file system can limit the total amount of data stored in a partition or volume.
____ NTFS permissions exist to fine-tune access and control for files and folders.
An NTFS system file called the ____ keeps a record of all the clusters that are considered unusable by the file system within that volume.
Bad Cluster File
Three different versions of FAT exist: FAT12, FAT16, and ____.
A file stored on an NTFS file system cannot have multiple streams of data associated with it.
The ____ check box indicates that a file has changed since the last backup.
file is ready for archiving
Members of the ____ group are able to monitor performance counters and access performance logs on the computer.
Performance Log Users
Each time a user logs on locally, the ____ database is used to verify logon credentials.
Members of the ____ group are able to monitor performance counters on the computer, but cannot access performance logs.
Performance Monitor Users
Windows 7 cannot perform fast user switching when configured as a domain client.
An administrator account derives its privileges from being a member of the local ____ group.
____ protects your computer from viruses and spyware that may attempt to steal your password.
Secure logon
Local user accounts can be used to access resources on other computers in a workgroup or a domain.
The password for the Administrator account is blank by default.
Holding down the ____ key during the boot process stops the automatic logon from occurring.
A ____ network (or workgroup) consists of multiple Windows computers that share information, but no computer on the network serves as an authoritative source of user information.
The ____ account is the most powerful local user account possible.
A ____ profile is stored in a network location rather than on the local hard drive.
The Guest account derives all of its privileges from being a member of the Guests group and the ____ group.
When the computer is a domain client, then secure logon is required.
A ____ profile is a profile that cannot be modified.
a standard process for creating names on a network or standalone computer
Naming convention
a file that stores user-specific registry information
group used by special user accounts to perform file replication between computers
a file that controls which portions of a profile are not to be copied up to a server when roaming profiles are enabled
a collection of desktop and environment configurations for a specific user or group of users
User profile
The ____ account has extremely limited access to resources and computer activities and is intended for occasional use by low-security users.
____ control when a user is able to log on and use the computer.
Time limits
In Windows 7, most actions that are triggered by an Administrator do not result in a prompt from User Account Control.
The ____ profile is used when new user profiles are created.
The ____ applet in Control Panel is a simplified interface for user management.
User Accounts
controls password characteristics for local user accounts.
Password Policy
malicious software designed to perform unauthorized acts on your computer
prompts administrative user if an administrative action is initiated by a program
User Account Control (UAC)
a real-time spyware monitor to prevent the installation of and remove spyware
Windows Defender
encrypts the entire volume of a partition and protects the system partition
BitLocker Drive Encryption
A(n) ____ encryption algorithm uses the same key to encrypt data and decrypt data.
____ is software that is silently installed on your computer, monitors your behavior, and performs actions based on your behavior.
____ is a threat to privacy and often makes systems unstable.
____ is(are) used to define which programs are allowed or disallowed in the system.
Every object in Windows 7 has audit events related to it.
The most commonly used method for authentication is a username and password.
The most critical effect of malware is degraded system performance.
A(n) ____ encryption algorithm is one-way encryption, which means that it encrypts data, but the data cannot be decrypted.
Windows 7 includes a(n) ____ policy, which can be used to control many facets of Windows.
local security
____ is the security process that records the occurrence of specific operating system events in the Security log.
A(n) ____ computer is one that has outdated antivirus signatures or is missing security updates.
Using the ____ policy, you can configure an account to be temporarily disabled after a number of incorrect log-on attempts.
account lockout
The most basic level of data security in Windows 7 is ____ permissions.
To address the risks to data stored on workstations and laptops, ____ is available on Windows 7.
BitLocker Drive Encryption
A(n) ____ policy controls password characteristics for local user accounts
____ is the process of taking data and making it unreadable.
Audit ____ tracks when tasks are performed that require a user rights assignment, such as changing the system time.
privilege use
NTFS permissions can be easily circumvented when you have physical access to a computer.
In Windows 7, advanced audit policies can only be edited at a command-line.
Newer Windows applications use an application ____ to describe the structure of an application.

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