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Win Server Ch 3 and 4

which of the following statemetns are ture of striped volumes
striped volumes provide enhanced performance over simple volumes
if a single physical disk in teh striped volume fails, all fo the data in teh entire volume is lost
which of the following are requirements for extending a volume on a dynamic disk
you can extend a simple volume across additional disks if it is not a system olume or a boot volume
which of the following are not true in reference to converting a basic disk to dynamic disk
you cannot convert drives with volumes that use an allocation unit size greater than 512 bytes
which of the following RAID levels yields the largest percentage of usable disk space
raid 0
to use shadow cpies, you must enable the feature at which of the following levels
the volume level
which of the following are not true about difference between network attached storage NAS devices adn storage area network SAN devices
NAS devices require a specialized protocol, such as Fibre channel or iSCSI; SAN devices use standard networking protocols
which of the following volume types supported by windows server 2012 do not provide fault tolerance?
a JBOD drive array is an alternative to which of the following?
What scenario woudl an organzaiton prefer centralized servers adn storage to having individual servers and storage per department
everyone in the organzation works with the same set of resources
concerning storage solutions, select the disk configuration that offers the least expensive disk consumption
just a bunch of disks
concerning storage solutions, select the disk configuration that offers the most protection in case of drive failure
raid 5
what is the next step after creating a Virtual hard disk
initializing the disk adn creating volumes on it, just as you would a physical disk
what is the key advantage of server manager over the disk management snap-in
the disk management snap-in enables you to create VHD files and mount them on the computer
order stetps to create and mount vhd
-log ong with admin rights
-click tools, computer management
-click disk management, and then create vhd from action menu
-specify location path and anme for vhd file, specify max size of disk
-select vhd format option
-select on of following vhd types -fixed or dynamic expanding
-click ok for system to create adn attach the vhd file. the vhd appepars as a disk in the disk management snapin
Order the steps to create a virtual disk
-log on with admin priveleges
-click files and storage services – storage pools
-in the virtual disks tile, select new virtual disk from tasks menu
-from respective pages, select the pool in which you want to create a virtual disk and type name for the virtual disk
-from select storage layout page, choose amonth simple mirror and partiy options
-from specify the provisioning type choose among thin and fixed options
-specify the virtual disk size and then click create to confirm
order steps to create storage pool
-log on with admin privelges and open server manager
-click files and storage services, storage pools
-in storage pools tile, select primordial space on server where you wan to create pool , from the tasks menu select new storage pool
-specify a name server and physical disks for the pool
-confirm selection and close the wizard
morries created storage pool consisting of two physical 1tb disks – he then creates three virtual disks and then creats raid-5 volume out of three disks
there is only 2 physical disks, if one of the drives fail – he will lose everything
why will adding a 3rd disk to the storage pool fail to improve the fault tlerance of storage plan?
the pool doesn’t have parity – using raid 5 on 3 physical disks creates parity and safety
which of the following is the best description of a security principal?
network resource receving teh permission
which of the followin statement about effective access is not true
inherited permissions take precendence over explicit permission
which of the following statements is not true in reference to resource ownership?
it is possible to lock out a file or folder by assigning permissions that permits access to no one at all including the owner of the file or folder
which of the following statments about permissions are true?
-acl’s are composed of ACE’s
-basic permissions are composed of advanced permissions
all permissions are stored as part of the protected resource
what is the maximum number of shadow copies that a windows server 2012 system can maintain for each volume
which of the following terms describes the process of granting users access to file server shares by reading tehir permissions
which of the follinwg are tasks that you can perform using the quotas in file server resource manager but you can’t perform with ntfs quotas
send email message to an admin when user exceed their limits
in teh ntfs permission system combinations of advanced permissions are known as
basic permissions
what is a key reason for assigning permissions when configuring file and share access?
imrpoves data security, granting file and share access only to the users who need it
you are deciding which file system to use. you need ntfs permissions but not encryption or compresssions, but may need it later
ntfs file system
if massive shares were split accross multiple servers, what is the best way to make them appear as a single unified directory tree?
windows server 2012 distrbuted file system
which of the following sets of permissions is responsible for controlling access to files and folders stored on a local disk volumee?
ntfs permissions
knowing how permissions can be cumulative or override each other is an important factor in understanding what?
effective access
create a folder share-list steps
-log on with admin rights-
-open server manager and click teh file adn storage services icon
-click shares in teh submenu and frmo the tasks menu select new share
-select a file share profile option, smb quick/advanced/shareapplications, nfs share quick, nfs share advanced
-select the server path adn share anme
-configure share settings, enable access based enumeration, allow caching of share, enable branch cach, and encrypt data
-specify permissions to control access and click next
order steps to set share permissions
-log onwith admin rights
-in server manager click file adn storage services in submenu click shares
-from the shares tiel, right click a share and from the context menu, select properties
-click permissions and customize permissions
-click the share tab
-click add, adn then select princiapal
select the type of permissions to assign (allow or deny)
order the steps to assign basic ntfs permissions
-logon wth admin rights
-in server manager-click teh file and storage services icon in submenu click shares
-from the shares tile, right click a share and from the context menu, select properties
-click permissions adn then click customize permissions
-in advanced security settings, the permissions tab shows permission list, click add to add a permission entry
-select a principal-cmoputer,user, group
-select the type of permissions to assign
-from applies down donw list, specify the subfolders and files that should inherit permissions you’re assigning
raid 0- striping- most space
raid 1 – mirroring
raid 5- striping with parity- best marriage b/t performance and redundancy
NAS has own OS not many upgrades, not much performance
SAN -is iSCSI or fiber, very high performance, more expensive
What is concatenating storage spaces virtually or spanning
virtual concatenation is storage spaces
what is concatening storage spaces with physical disks
using a storage pool
what is difference b/t ntfs permissions and fat32 permissions
fat32 are only share level permissons – – they are junk
What are share permissions
they are limited access control lists – limited in scope, on applied as you enter folder, not the subfolders, THEY DO CONFLICT WITH NTFS CAUSE THEY ARE APPLIED FIRST
two different partition styles and where the mbr is located
GPT- guid partition table – located at last 1mb of drive-microsoft propietary
MBR-first 512 bytes of disk
difference b/t striped and spanned
striped writes interleaving pattern on disks, but no redundancy
spanned fills up the first disk, adn then the next, but no redundancy
both are at least 32 disks?! – maybe max?
What group do you have to be a part of to extend or shrink a volume
the backup operators admin group
can you extend physical disks
PHysical disks – IDE (or ATA)
parrallel connection
speed of 5400-7200, up to 133mb/s – 80 pin connector
physical disks – SCSI
LVD connected – transfer up to 640 mb/s – rpm of 10,000-15,000, parrallel signal sas or serial signalling
phsycial disks-SATA
3.0 with native channell queing, up to 600mb/s, nothing moer than ata drive connected serially
how do you assign permissions
you assign them by groups
what are the two types of shares that windows supports
what feature do you have to install to make NFS work?
you have to install the server for NFS role service
remember when given a choice to lean more towards
server manager, not individual snap ins
what does the culmination of permissions end up being
what is known as effective access
how do you get permissions
you get them by being a member of a gruop, by name, or by inheritance
what are the permissions that are part of the 4 permissions system
share permissions-control access to folders over a network
NTFS permissions-control access to files and folders stored on disk volumes formatted with ntfs file system
registry permissions-control access to specific parts of windows registry
active directory permissions-control access to specific parts of active diretory domain services hierarchy
What is the ACL list?
a list that has access control entries adn their attirbutes- used to control access to somethign via a list
what are shadow copies
restores files on the fly – can store up to 64 copies of an instance of a file- unless it hist MB limit – it does delet the oldest copy
what should settings be for paging file?
should be 1.5 amount of installed memory
what is difference b/t mirroring and duplexing
mirroring would have 2 drives connected to 1 raid card
duplexing – 2 drives connected to 2 different raid controllers
what are the partition styles and how many partitions can they have?
MBR- max of partitions 3 prmary and one extended
GPT-max of 1 partition,but up to 128 volumes –
what math algorithm reconstructs disks
which raid is better
software raid uses cpu and memory as decision area, hardware raid uses its own cpu and memory- is faster
where to manage quotes
on the volume level – use ntfs quotas or file resource manager
what are the 7 ntfs permissions
-full control
-read and execute
-list contents

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