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Winnebagoindustries: Swot Analysis and Three Year Strategic

Synonymous with the term motor home, Winnebago has made traveling with the comforts of home popular with the American adventurer for over Alfa a century. Steady growth into the 21st century has allowed Winnebago to gain a strong financial footing and become the leading motor home, or recreational vehicle (REV) manufacturer in the industry. As will be shown in this report Winnebago sales have been directly affected by fluctuating interest rates, rising fuel costs, and a recent economic recession which has been dubbed the worst since the Great Depression.

Through a brief background discussion of the firms’ current internal strengths and weaknesses, along with its external opportunities and threats (SOOT), allowed by a detailed SOOT matrix this report will recommend specific strategic actions for the firm to take over the next three years in preparation for future growth and maintenance as the leading motor home, or recreational vehicle (REV) supplier in the United States.

Internal strengths at Winnebago stem from its commitment to quality and product innovation via state of the art design and manufacturing systems (Winnebago Industries, n. D. ), which as noted by Bland and Marcia, as cited in David (Case 10, 2009), have allowed the firm to gain a

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strong financial footing and pay off all bet from land, buildings, and equipment.

Internal weaknesses at Winnebago, as noted by Business Wire (March 18, 2010) and Bland and Marcia, as cited in David (Case 10, 2009) are primarily due to the firms production facility location, lack of a vision, negative sales due to economic conditions, and the inherent target market as Winnebagoindustries: Soot Analysis and Three Year Strategic Plan By pliancy noted by Bland and Marcia, and cited in David (Case 10, 2009), are chiefly the result of market shift, an expanding target market, and the availability of low credit and inexpensive land resulting from a continuing economic recession.

External threats to Winnebago include the existing recessionary period and current oil crisis in the Gulf, and as noted by Bland and Marc’s, and cited in David (Case 10, 2009), increasing fuel costs, existing competition, government regulation, and seasonal demand which drives sales. These strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are detailed in the following SOOT matrix, along with respective SO, WOW, SST, and WET recommended strategies. I Table 1 I SOOT Matrix for Winnebago Industries I Strengths II. No long term debt statement increased 30% I Weaknesses II.

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