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Word Chapter 3: Review

bullet symbol
another name for dot symbol
clip art
a predefined graphic
floating objects
give more flexibility because you can position them anywhere on the page
Word table
collection of rows and columns
tab stop
location on the horizontal ruler that tells Word where to position the insertion point when you press the TAB key on the keyboard
inline object
is an object that is part of the paragraph
each row of a table has an end-of-row mark which can be used to add columns to the right of a table
decrease font size
can be used if you tab or click the increase font size too big until desired font is displayed
each time you press this key, Word carries forward custom tab stops to the Text paragraph
above, below, to the left of
borders may be added here to a paragraph
personal letters
business documents do not include this type of letter
formatting marks, such as the end-of-cell mark, do not print on a hard copy
dateline and inside address, message, signature block
essential business letters include all of these
building block(s)
Where you can store text and graphics to use frequently and then insert the stored entry in the open document as well as future documents
to move a table to a new location, point to the upper-right corner (true: upper-left corner) of the table until the table move handle appears, point to the table move handle, and then drag it to move the entire table to a new location
you hold down this key to select the first and third rows of a table, select the first row, and then hold down this key to select the third row
begins two lines below the last line of the inside address
consists of the month, day and year is positioned two to six lines below the letterhead
the complimentary form displays two lines below the last line of the message
in a business letter, within the message (body), paragraphs are double-spaced with a single-spaced between paragraphs
signature block
typed at least 4 lines below the complimentary close, allowing room for the author to sign his or her name in a business letter
in a Word table the intersection of of a row and a column is called this and usually is filled with text
block letter style
in this letter style, all components of the letter begin flush with left margin
clear formatting
in Word this word refers to returning the formatting to the Normal style
nonbreaking hyphen
CTRL+SHIFT+HYPHEN; a special type of hyphen that prevents two words separated by a hyphen from splitting at the end of the line
SHIFT+TAB key(s)
use these keys to select the previous cell from the one in which the insertion point appears
press this key to instruct Word to replace the building block name with the stored building block entry
nonbreaking space
CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR; a special space character that prevents two words from splitting if the first word falls at the end of a line
drawing tools format
this tab automatically appears when a shape is selected in a document
no spacing
this style defines line spacing as single and does not insert any blank spaces between lines when you press the ENTER key
modified block
letter style, date, complimentary close, and signature block are positioned approximately one-half into to the right center
HOME tab
the Increase Font Size button appears on this tab
TAB key
key that used to advance rightward from one cell to the next in a table
remove hyperlink
how to convert a hyperlink to regular text, right-click the hyperlink and then click this button on the shortcut menu
to delete the contents of a cell, select the cell contents and press the DELETE or BACKSPACE key
to move a custom tab stop, drag the tab marker to the desired location on the ruler
to remove a border from a paragraph, position the insertion point in the paragraph, tap or click the Border button arrow on the HOME tab, and then tap or click the No Border button in the Borders gallery
when you first create a table it is left-aligned; that is, flush with the left margin
when you press this key without entering any text after the automatic bullets feature
insert control
when you use a mouse to select a row or column table, Word displays this
with the In Front of Text wrapping option, floating object appears behind the text
the default Word places a tab stop at on the ruler
you can undo changes by pressing the CTRL+Z
cannot use tab
to insert a row at the beginning or middle of a table; instead, you use the Insert Rows Above or Insert Rows Below command
use if you want to remove part of a graphic or see text or colors behind a graphic
Increase Font Size
Word provides this button, which increases font size of selected text each time you tap or click the button
table resize handle
an entire table can be resized by dragging this handle, which is a small square that displays where pointing to a corner of the table
each time the ENTER key is pressed, any custom tab stops are carried forward to the next paragraph
the company’s objective
a letterhead should contain all of the following EXCEPT _______________________
difference between AutoCorrect entry and a building block is that the building block feature makes corrections as soon as spacebar is pressed, whereas to make an AutoCorrect entry you need to press the F3 key

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