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Worker responses Essay

The workers seem to have a very versatile view over the establishment. This is indicative of quite dismal corporate governance policies which require analytical dissection so as to revert their application into the ethics of management which is the obvious causative factor of the response. Management solutions and overview on the workers reflections Workers are happy with the hospital and management but seem to lack essential discipline and hard work virtues and insights.

So as to proffer the medical services they are required to disseminate very cordially and effectively there should be management policies to govern them and to check on excesses that often arise. Reign in on the bad boss syndrome

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The commonplace client complains comes when a stressed worker, nurse or clinical officer has a bout with the client shortly after a bashing by the boss. Each officer in any work situation has a boss and it’s the basis of management. Relations are the basis of undertaking corporate choices.

Making bad judgements weigh on proper corporate governance culminating to low performance levels. The implications are severe as analysed earlier and the projected gains cannot be attained in the long run. As such the reign in on the bad boss syndrome

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should be administered as a management policy to speed up worker response and veracity as service providers and vital pillars of the company. The absence of strong moral ties between the boss and the juniors merely crumbles the relational aspect of the company’s outlook.

The repercussions of the bad boss syndrome are demoralization, burnout and low esteem. Implications of these work place conditions are poor performance collapsing the structures of the company and also its performance index. Corporate Ethics as a tool of trade There is nothing that is influential as the use of ethics in marketing. Companies should conduct business with absolute honesty and professionalism. Though this sounds like traditional advice and more hackneyed as a strategy ethics stipulates credence of company operations.

The downfall of multinationals has been attributed to the company ignoring corporate ethics. The responsible teams in the company engaged in ignoring ethics of market policies and the type of reaction the company should have as responses to market demands and the versatility of customer feelings and attitude as two different factors of market needs. The ignoring of the ethics plays down the company’s portfolio forcing a plummeting of the company’s repute to dismal levels hence a decline on customer trust and confidence on its services and products.

Conforming to choices of standards as perceived by the market is one of the most secret weapons to make formidable sales. Adopting the policy as an overall tool of trade will create public confidence and the establishment of a market share of the product which means a very good competitive edge against other medical health providers and players in the market. The overall perception on ethics is that it is the key to management of public relations and the onset of establishing a very staunch market share.

The essentiality of ethics is then an empirical tool of trade that very few technocrats or corporate executives have ever been able to neither establish nor understand as a marketing concept. As such the company, through the understanding of ethics as a corporate skill and marketing strategy is making a gain and opening up its market scope to its products and services. Service quality response If there is a diverse subject is the discontent by the clients on procedural activities. First we look at the long queues issue. The chemist might have a slow service provision procedure.

To cut on this time consuming ogre the increase of payment efficiency through more cashier machines and more expert cashiers will ease the problem. The hospital class stature According to respondents the hospital is expensive and specified for some people category. This notion should be fixed through generalisation doctrines. No client should have provisional services when other are aware since this depicts inequality of which is the reason of such a response. The prices should have limited levels and bills should be sensible so as to retain a market share that has a very strategic goal.

Solutions Discounting on service and products Due to competition, value deferred on any service shall be consolidated through discounting. Packaging the service with additional features adds up to gain rather than using an old price which is perceived not affordable by the customer. Discounting will be based on assessment of price units offered in the market and elimination of immediate gain defrayment will be used as a profit rather than a postponement of profit through a full treatment. Division of service provision

Restructuring service provision procedure will be vital. Departments to work on various health services departments like retail opportunities, market diversity, surveys and new trends. This means there will me a more broad market approach and reach hence refined results and solutions in provision of health services. Leverage share into product package This means the company will sell a service at low price to build a de-facto market leadership. This ups the company market share making it to have provisions to introduce other ancillary services.

This is pre-empting competition and establishing a market share that is difficult to break. Understanding the market requirements Aspirations of a client are that a product solves her problem. This understanding disseminates avenues of a diversified approach to the market. The company’s products and services should be solutions and should meet the requirements. This is more of diversifying the product portfolio. As such the company’s clout in the market gets leverage edging out competition by a quantified margin.

This is gain which will be deferred to the company value and public perception about it. The most valuable gain here is the growth of the market share Financial issues This forms part of the dissatisfaction aspect in clients. Financial issue are sensitive and there seems to be a tendency of either inflated bills or expensive medicine. Also there could be issues that adversely contribute to dissatisfaction. These could be like consultation fees, expensive food and so forth. A policy to effectively regulate the expense value should be in place to avoid further discontent.

The point that the hospital fits the most financially able is a notion that draws out the negative aspect of high cost of some services in the hospital and could be detrimental in crumbling the company financial structure through low customer influx. Respondents seem sceptical and have no regrets at mentioning the discontent on high prices. The price of service and medical consultations should be checked and reviewed. Up to 20. 25% have reservations on the price of services. Appointments This issue keep resurfacing. It is one of the most sensitive parts of the problems which are still facing the hospital integral public relations.

Looking at the percentage outrage, the company has suffered an image with about 27. 75 being dissatisfied while a lot other are not sure of what tp say. 50% have confidence on the service. This means the best measure is to recommend business intelligence software to integrate data and information that will keep the clients and the hospital abreast with the appointments. Business intelligence software In modern corporate strategy and business structure of a company the flow of information that is essential in fostering growth and development of the business is very valuable.

Business intelligence software is objectively used to provide various perceptions of the data coming and that is already in the company’s computer system network and filtering data flowing in the company system to project the important areas of the data. The software also integrates the data and executives can be able to access it more easily. Business intelligence software also plays a key role in establishing and recognizing both primary and secondary patterns of business data. The software improves efficiency of the business.

This is further seen as the guidelines that help the company make apt and accurate decisions regarding business strategy and initiatives. The overall facade created by the BIS is that profitability is analysed and tabled as a comprehensive strategy and requirement. The statistics, inventories, profitability, market and profiles of each arm of corporate management and analysis is made easy and is turned into a business improvement strategy. BIS is the onset of knowledge about weaknesses of the business operations and how to resolve them.

These operational weaknesses highlight areas like the calculations on internal operations, sales calculations, gains, production rate and deficits. This means the company has the capability to make very rationale decisions. BIS ups the level of software integration in the corporate structure of the company. This makes the information, both in the company and that is coming to the company is well understood. This is a very essential tool in making accessibility of vital info well known within and outside the company so as to maintain and improve the image of the company.

Business intelligence software makes the presentation of the information and the subsequent integration of this info to have a high access level. This stipulates the essence of information and its subsequent use in the company to be a valuable tool of development. The level of development is what makes the business or the company to have a competitive angle against the other companies making it have a diversified market and a more established and dependable market share. The company is able to forecast the future prices, market situation and prices of products and services.

The software refines quality of information and the accessibility level of the information. The software plays a major role in management. The executives will be able to understand the potential future problems through analysis. This is made possible since the BIS application makes the access of info to be data based hence its accessibility is very high. Also, business intelligence software aides top level echelon of a company to have an overview of the economic situation and the pattern of the trend. Analytical Summary

The overall survey shows that about 70% of the company healthcare provisions are very competent services and are not comparable to the other intermediate facilities. The other percentage projects the checks and balances in management which we have sealed through strategic corporate governance policies herein. The hospital healthcare attracts a very diverse community and has a very highly revered reputation and service-product portfolio. The clientele has a spending power and capacity of the high end consumer though quite a number falls in the less fiscally aggressive individual.

This is the basis of the diversity complex within the data. Maternity and child healthcare Several respondents point out the need to upgrade the maternity services and level the hygiene status to avoid contamination and spread of disease amongst infants. This is a sensitive issue and the preference offers insight to previous cases which might have prompted such an incursion and subsequent discontent in clients. Maternity wards should be private and thoroughly inspected, cleaned and disinfected due to bacterial spreads which could form platforms for infections and other ailments.

This of course will seal this aperture being summoned by the clients. Public relations About 2% of the clientele fail to understand the hospital protocol and up to 38% feel that the company’s PR is not mellowed enough to handle them. Quests to check on this are seen throughout the survey. Public relations will help regulate the responses of doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners within the institution to carefully and professionally handle, refer and even treat a client with utmost professionalism, courtesy and kindness so as to improve on this.

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