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Working Culture

It is the company’s strategy that working 9-5 is less effective than letting the employees work to be more effective. The company always seeks for competitive advantage. It has given much attention to some companies who are mismanaging their knowledge workers. The company incorporates the key principles on how to make workers be more effective on their assigned task. One is to cater to the need of the employees.

As the company’s goal says – “strip away everything that gets in their way”, the company provides its employees a very inviting package of fringe benefits aside from the facilities such as dining room, gyms, laundry and massage rooms that employees can also enjoy. Every project done by the company is always done in groups so team members frequently coordinate with each other in order to work effectively. It is also a practice and a culture in Google that employees must coordinate with one another very often and to make the coordination easy and open.

The company also encourage its employees to be more creative in order to come up with better projects. Because of this, software engineers and programmers are spending some of their time doing researches in any project of their own choice. It is also a culture in Google that the manager is not the decision maker but rather the one who collects ideas from subordinates. Financial and Non-financial Services Google gives its employees the most comfortable working environment that any company could give.

The employees can enjoy the facilities of having a doctor and dentist located in the building, being able to use the laundry and massage rooms and being able to visit the company’s chef. Furthermore, employees can also enjoy the amenities provided by the company such as the use of the gym and its very beautiful dining area. The company’s snack room offers a variety of foods for employees to enjoy. Also, employees are given a 3-day vacation. Employees can also enjoy the company’s cafeteria, conference rooms surrounded by volleyball courts.

In addition to all these, Google also give its employees shirts with a logo print of the company. All these benefits are enjoyed by all the employees of the world’s most famous search engine. The employees also need not go out of the office to avail services such as dental check up, go out to see a doctor or go to a fine restaurant since all these are in the company building itself. The company is a 1. 3-million-square-foot which is a two-storey building populated with so many amenities for employees and staff to enjoy such as cafeterias, hallway bull sessions and conference rooms which are surrounded by a volley ball court.