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written communication

What type of information is protected by the HIPAA Privacy Rule?
Patients’ financial records
Patients’ medical records
All of the above
Alicia is a medical office assistant. She is responsible for processing incoming mail. One of the pieces of mail that she opens includes a denied insurance claim for someone that she knows. Can she share this information with her friends?
What should an assistant do with an incoming piece of mail with the notation PRIVATE?
Forward the piece of mail to the person to whom it is addressed
Using a procedure to process incoming mail takes more time than not using a procedure.
Assistants should open envelopes by sliding their finger under the sealing flap and then sliding it across the top edge to the other side.
If the contents of a piece of mail do not include the name and return address of the sender, what should be done with the envelope?
It should be kept with the contents.
How often must assistants check for e-mails and faxes?
Several times a day
How should mail be routed?
According to whom it is addressed
What type(s) of mail may assistants be instructed to handle?
Requests for copies of medical records
What should Rory do with The Daily Report, the local newspaper?
Put it in the waiting area
Rory should route a patient’s request for medical records to Dr. Wilkes.
Rory should route payments to herself.
What should Rory do with promotional literature about a new blood pressure medication?
Route it to Dr. Wilkes
When sorting mail, where should the most urgent and important mail be placed?
At the top of the pile
Which type of mail is the least urgent and important?
What is the correct order for processing incoming mail?
Opening the mail, routing the mail, and sorting the mail
Preparing a letter for another person to respond to is called _____.
annotating, annotate, annotation
What does annotating enable physicians and other senior medical office staff to do?
Respond to their mail accurately
Respond to their mail swiftly
All of the above
When annotating letters, what should assistants highlight or underline?
Materials or actions being requested and questions asked
When annotating letters, assistants should answer any questions that they are able to answer.
What kind of written communications do medical office assistants prepare?
Those that manage the affairs of the office
Which of these characteristics of written communications reflect positively on a medical practice?
They are organized logically.
They are accurate in content.
They are concise.
They are professional in appearance.
All of the above
When directed to patients, what terminology should written communications use?
Lay terms
Before sending a letter to a patient, Zachary notices a punctuation error and a spelling error. What should Zachary do?
Correct the errors before sending the letter
Which of these items is used to communicate with people outside of a medical practice?
Business letters
Using an electronic portfolio, memos and letters can be used over and over again without having to be retyped.
How is e-mail sent?
From one computer to another computer
What is a characteristic of e-mail?
It can easily be replied to or forwarded to others.
A fax is a communication that is sent from one computer to another computer.
Patients’ confidential medical information should not be sent by fax unless absolutely necessary.
Transforming oral information or a written draft into a permanent written communication is called _____.
transcription, transcribe, transcribing, transcript
What may be transcribed?
Dictated, or spoken, information
A written draft
All of the above
What is the first step in transcription?
A physician dictates, or speaks, information.
What coursework may medical transcriptionists complete?
Word processing
Anatomy and physiology
Medical terminology
All of the above
What does the writing process help people do?
Create written communications speedily.
Create written communications without error.
All of the above
What is the first step of the writing process?
What is prewriting?
Organizing a written communication logically
What is a draft?
The rough copy of a written communication
How should the draft of a written communication be created?
Typewritten using a computer and word processing software
Which step of the writing process deals with improving the content, or message, of a written communication?
A few errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling are acceptable when creating a written communication in a medical office.
What describes an automatic spelling and grammar checker?
It may not find every error.
What step of the writing process involves printing or e-mailing the final copy of a written communication?
What is the correct order for the writing process?
Prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing
A type of written communication that is used to communicate with staff within a medical practice.
memo, memorandum, memos, memorandums, e-mail, e-mails, email, emails
What does the heading of a memo do?
Tells the receiver’s name and professional title
Tells the sender’s name and professional title
Tells the date the memo is written
Tells the reason the memo is being sent
All of the above
How should the sender’s initials be included on a memo?
They should be handwritten.
The letterhead of a business letter always includes the name of the physician and/or medical practice and the address.
How should the name of the month in the date of a business letter be written?
In full, such as February
What does the inside address of a business letter include?
The name of the person, department, and/or firm from whom the letter is sent
The mailing address
All of the above
What is the correct salutation for a letter that is addressed to a physician?
Dear Doctor Heaver:
Business letters always have a subject line.
What is the complimentary closing of a business letter?
The sender’s way of ending the letter
Erica, an office assistant, created a letter for Dr. Warnke. Who should sign the letter?
Dr. Warnke
Whose reference initials should come first in a business letter?
The senders
If the sender and the typist of a business letter are the same person, reference initials are included.
In a business letter, what does the special notation Enc. mean?
What style of business letter has all of the lines beginning at the left margin?
The medical practice where Sidney works prefers the block style for business letters, but Sidney prefers the modified block style. As part of her medical assisting responsibilities, Sidney must create letters. What style of business letter should she use?
What must continuation pages of a business letter include?
A heading
What size is standard business-sized paper?
8½ X 11 inches
Letterhead stationery is used for the first page of a business letter.
What should be copied and filed?
Business letters that are sent to people outside of a medical practice
Copies of business letters should be printed on stationery.
Form letters are created for a specific receiver.
How can form letters be personalized?
By filling in specific information on a form letter by hand
By using mail merge to automatically insert specific information into placeholders in a form letter
All of the above
Jared must send an examination reminder to several patients. How should he create the letters?
He should use personalized form letters.
Which way of personalizing form letters is faster and more professional in appearance?
Using mail merge
Assistants process mail that comes into and goes out of a medical office.
What envelope is used for standard business-sized letters?
No. 10
What part of a letter does a window envelope allow to show through?
The inside address
If the delivery address on an envelope is incorrect or unreadable, the letter cannot be delivered.
What is the next-to-the-last line of a delivery address on an envelope?
The street address or post office box number
Which more specifically identifies the location of a delivery address?
A nine-digit zip code
The return address enables a letter to be delivered to the person to whom the letter is addressed.
Dr. Frey wrote a letter to his attorney. He put the letter in an envelope and wrote the notation CONFIDENTIAL on the envelope. Then he gave the letter to Dylan for her to address. What should Dylan do?
Address the envelope
When using the notation ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED, for what is the sender charged a fee?
For informing the sender of the person’s new address
What should not be used when preparing envelopes?
Commas and periods
The fee for the service of delivering mail is called _____.
What type of postage scale automatically displays the correct amount of postage?
An electronic postage scale
Where should postage be placed on an envelope?
Where should postage be placed on an envelope?
If a piece of mail needs to be received quickly, how should it be mailed?
It should be taken directly to the post office.
How much does First-Class Mail weigh?
13 ounces or less
The amount of postage for First-Class Mail is based on weight.
What weighs up to 70 pounds?
Parcel Post
Priority Mail
All of the above
Which is more expensive?
Priority Mail
What qualifies for a discounted rate as a result of preparing large amounts of mail?
Standard mail
When is Express Mail delivered?
1 to 2 days
Certified Mail provides proof that a mail item has been mailed and received.
What is the fee for Insured Mail based on?
The value of the item
What ensures that a mail item is delivered only to the person to whom the item is addressed or to someone authorized to receive the item for that person?
Restricted delivery
Marco has to mail a 2-ounce letter via First-Class Mail, which costs $.58. The letter contains important, confidential patient information; therefore, Marco’s been instructed to send the letter Certified Mail with Restricted Delivery. The fee for Certified Mail is $2.65, and the fee for Restricted Delivery is $4.10. What is the total that must be paid to mail the letter?
All mail is delivered by the United States Postal Service.

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