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Yuppie Donut Swot

When using the donuts machine, it will produce a lot of donuts and Just take short time. * Legal Governments control the business activities in many ways both direct and indirect. They have already covered government’s economic policies. However, government can control business activities in a more direct way. In term of the legal, our business follow the legal and legislation that have been state in the government laws where we are operate the business follow the action that suppose have been done by the businesses.

For example we as a Islamic person we are sold the HALL food and we also get the HALL certificate from JAMIE to make sure that we can get the trusted from customer. As we can see that our business is only of the business that operates by Malay entrepreneur, we must keep the trust of people toward our product. Besides that, we also follow the laws which are for the employee’s protection legislation where we always protect the interest of employee such as laws against unfair discrimination at work when applying for Job. Usually this happen when there have a bias on employee in term of race, religion and sex.

By concern for the worker,

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our business follows the legal which is; Legislation for health and safety at work where protect worker form dangerous, provide proper and safety equipment and cloth, and provide proper hygiene conditions and washing facilities. We also pay the salary to our worker properly and follow what the work that they have done and the salary is fair without bias and minimum wages paid to different types of workers are also determined by the government. 4. 2 SOOT Analysts SOOT Analysis is the tool that views all positive and negative factors inside and outside the firm that affect the success.

In the other word, the purpose of the SOOT Analysis is to analysis the overall strategic position of the business and its environment. Otherwise, using the SOOT Analysis it will evaluate the internal potential and limitations and the likely opportunities and threats from the external environments. Strengths Strength is something that a company is good at (has competitive advantage in). It The first strength of Yuppie donuts is according to the member card. When the customer has member card, they can enjoy using the member card whereby the customers will get the best price.

On the other hand, when using the member card, the customer will get the price-off and also bonus points. For examples, when the customer present the Yuppie donuts member card upon payment and for every Ringing spent, the customers will be entitled to one (1) point, which can be used to redeem exciting gifts. Another advantages for the membership card is our company will celebrate our customers big day by giving them a little extra birthday love with exclusive rewards. So, our company wants to maintain the relationship between the customers by giving them the benefits when they have the member card.

It will make our company are strongly differentiate between the other competitors in the same market. * Applying round table concept Our second strength is our company are applying round table concept which is the customer are likely to choose the mini donuts that they are wants based on many choices. For examples, in the round table concept, the donuts are placed on a rotating conveyor belt that winds through the restaurant and moves past every table and counter seat. Customers may pick their selections from a steady stream of donuts moving along the conveyor belt. Variety of size and flavor Our third strength is our company produces variety of size and flavor for our donuts. That means, customers has many chances in order to choose what types of sizes and flavor that they want. Our company comes out with three size of donuts which is in the smallest size, middle size and large size. The most important we only use the best of natural ingredients to deliver a unique flavor rather than using artificial ingredients. The secret of our taste in the superior quality of our ingredients that allows us to make the best donuts maker in the industry.

If Large size If * Large size Middle size Smallest size Provide service for special occasion. B Door Gift B Birthday party Our company also provides service for special occasion such as birthday party, engagement ceremony, door gift and etc. Our company creates this opportunity to let the people know about uniqueness about our company. Basically, we create the donuts based on customer design on their needs and wants. Weaknesses * Unwell-known company The first weaknesses about our company are unwell-known company whereby our company is the new comer in the market.

Since Yuppie donuts is a new company in he industry, our product is still unknown by people and sales are not very encourages. Besides that, we still have to compete with Big Apple and Dunk’s Donuts whereby this main competitor is well known company. Besides that, customers more prefer to purchase from the company that are already established. * Only one outlet and kiosk Another weakness of our company is we only have one outlet and one kiosk. This might be difficult for our company to produce more donuts. For the first year, we as a new comer in the market, so we only depend on one outlet and one kiosk.

After a few ears and we established in the market, we will increase our outlet and also kiosk in order to let the people know about our fantastic donuts. * Less of production Since our company is the new company, we sometimes cannot produce a lot of donuts due to demand of the customers. So, this will be our weakness and as a solution we come out with the latest machine that can solve our problems. * Take long time for process The weakness of our company is take long time for process whereby to make the donuts we cannot achieve the target and the demand is increase from customer so hat we cannot produce more.

When we have to take a long time to produce, it will make customer will wait for a long time and they will bored. OPPORTUNITY Latest Technology For the opportunity, we use the latest technology so that we can produce more products and can fulfill the customer need and want. By having the greater and latest technology, this is one of the opportunities that will get to expand our business wider and can open the new branch and outlet to make sure people in Malaysia will know about our product and become well known among Malaysian.

The latest genealogy that our company uses is the machine where 1 machine can produce donuts, and packing the donuts. It will more easily and faster. Advertisement In term of the advertisement also can give the opportunity to our business where people can recognize and know our product. Like for example, we also provide service at the ceremony, party, wedding and many more, so when the event is provide the good service at the event, and when people saw that, they will interested with our product. So that is one of the opportunities to expand and make people aware about our business and product.

Exhibition By Joining on the exhibition like food exhibition, for example HALL Feast that can make people know and interested with our product. At the exhibition, people can get the information about product and service and the will know more about our product and they will understand with the information. Besides that, they will also can taste our product and feel it the differences our product form others. Threats Price war Price war is the common issue that each business will face where there also have the other business that do the same business and at the same time they also put the name price to compete with our business.

Like for example, J. CO, Big Apple, and Dunking Donuts and also our business compete each other in term of the price war to get the customer attention. But even the price is same but the taste of the donuts can be different and from that customer will identify which is the best product and become their choice. Competitor Competitor also the main threat when doing the business and whatever business that we have done, we must have the competitor so that we have to fight to get the customer interest. For example, our business will compete with the brand business like J.

Co, and Big Apple, so we have to create our product differently from other to make sure that people can compare our product and feel different when they are eating our donuts. Copycat To make sure that our product did not allow other company or business copy it we must secure the value of the product for example, have a right policy toward our product and we must have the own identity to make sure that customer or people can differentiate Yuppie Donuts product and other. 4. 3 Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix

Internal factor evaluation matrix is a strategic management tool for auditing or evaluating major strengths and weaknesses in functional areas of a business. The Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix together with the External Factor Evaluation Matrix is a strategy-formulation tool that can be utilized to evaluate how a company is performing in regards to identified internal strengths weaknesses of a company. Managers and strategists can evaluate internal factors (Strengths, weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats) by using of FIFE matrix and FEE matrix, respectively. 4 External Factor Evaluation Matrix The FEE matrix is the strategic tool used to evaluate firm existing strategies, FEE matrix can be defined as the strategic tool to evaluate external environment or macro environment of the firm include economic, social, technological, government, political, legal and competitive information. The FEE matrix is similar to FIFE matrix the only difference is that FIFE matrix evaluate the internal factors of the company and FEE matrix evaluate the external factors. The FEE matrix consists of following attributes mentioned below. External Factors

Obviously there are some good and some bad for the company in the external environment. That’s the reason external factors are divided into two categories opportunities and threats. Opportunities Opportunities are the chances exist in the external environment, it depends firm whether the firm is willing to exploit the opportunities or maybe they ignore the opportunities due to lack of resources. Threats Threats are always evil for the firm, minimum no of threats in the external environment open many doors for the firm. Maximum numbers of threats for the firm reduce their power in the industry.

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