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Essay On Business Administration

Business administration is a subject that is worldwide. It doesn’t only talk about how you handle in a company, which skills you need to have to improve in a certain area of business. Business Administration revolves around people, rather it’s in a business or not. In connection with this subject we have received a project. This project is about a company that we have received from the teacher. In this case we have received: “Reda Social” as our company. We needed to make a new project regarding “Reda Social”.

What kind of organization they are, what they stand for and what are their missions on the island of Curacao will be explained next in the report divided in different chapter. What our project will be is written in this report and furthermore we will give a presentation of our project in week 13 so that everyone can have an idea of what the organization of “Reda Social” is all about. They have done a lot of projects in the past for different organization, different people in the community that needs a helping hand and it’s up to us now to reveal a whole new project this year so that we also

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can make someone or a group of people happy as well.

The Board sets out the policy. One representative is appointed by each Island Government of the Netherlands Antilles, two members are appointed by the Government of the Netherlands, and one member is appointed by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles, who is also the president of the Board. The mission of Reda Sosial is dedicated to reduce poverty on all the islands of the Netherlands Antilles through financing projects. That in one way or the other alleviates the critical socio-economic situation of marginalized people, promotes the self-reliability and is aimed at both social and economic development.

Ever since the poverty study was carried out in 1998, which resulted in the publication of “Pobresa ban atak’i?? ” in 1999, Reda Sosial has aimed her activities more towards combating poverty through integrated neighborhood development on the Netherlands Antilles. Because the relationship between academic failure and teen pregnancy is so strong, and because teen pregnancy affects the educational achievement of teens themselves as well as that of their children, those concerned about educating young people should also be concerned with preventing teen pregnancy.

Moreover, given the increasing demands in schooling necessary to qualify for a well-paying job, it is more important than ever for teens to finish high school and attain post secondary education when possible. Realizing that the world is changing and the mentality of especially the young people is also changing, we are facing the fact that the young ladies are getting pregnant at a young age. And with young age we mean the age group of 15 till 21 years old.

As illustrated in Table F.1 (page 8) we can see that in the age group of 15 till 21 years old, the numbers of children born are extremely high. Because of their unexpected pregnancy, the chance of continuing with their study and getting a job is diminishing. Also the welfare they receive from the government is not enough to cover all the child’s expenses and go to school at the same time. Our plan is to select 10 teen mothers from different neighborhoods that because of the circumstances of life don’t have the capability to get a job or go to school at the same time.

We will finance their study for one (1) school year and at the same time help them get a job so that when the year passes by they will have an income to cover the rest of their study expenses. Regarding their children, we will cover 5 year of half a day childcare expenses. For the children to get to the daycare we will let a bus pick them up at 7 ‘o clock in the morning and drop them off at the daycare. The bus will come and pick them up at 3 ‘o clock and drop them at home.

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