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Contemporary Issues Management assignment strucure

Contemporary Issues Management assignment structure BY Mr._v my structure to do assignment about contemporary issues: tax avoidance l, Introduction 200 words: Question: Since Google as well as other multinationals using loopholes to avoid tax duty like a part of game, are they unethical or not? This is not Just happen in I-J, it is like a trend of firms around the world II, Main body (1000-1500) Solving problem: Globalization: 0 Definition 0 The firms earn benefit from the government like: recruit employee from education yester.

But they try to move their benefit to lower tax countries Shopping around 0 Competing vision 0 Advantaged of globalization: increase more opportunity for developing countries, reduce the gap between developed and developing countries. (Asian countries versus Western countries 0 Disadvantage: lose balance in tax system of developed countries lead to bad effect in social of these countries where produce most the expertise, skilled labor and genius idea Ethic of tax avoidance Firm has the right to do whatever they want within the law 0 There are many competitors using same technique to avoid or minimize their tax duty.

If firm don’t do it, they are in disadvantage 0 Advantage: This can help companies earn more profit

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and invest it to develop technology; finding new energy, material to help protecting environment for all countries Disadvantage: affect to small firms which cannot avoid tax with technique of multinationals Otherwise, many firm will receive bad reputation from doing unethical. They can lose their customers, shareholder as well as hard to recruit talent employees.

Ill, conclusion (300-500) Summary: The essay discuss about increase globalization and tax avoidance of multinationals. They must be carefully when avoiding tax, it can destroy their reputation and their loyalty customers. Recommendation Tax avoidance should be fixed by government by close their loophole. They also need to come up with general standard between countries to eliminate this problem. Like GO has done recently. IV, References

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