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Essay On Economic Globalization

The opportunity and challenge of economic globalization for China 2. 5. Effects: The advantages of economic globalization for China The disadvantages of economic globalization for China 2. 6. Solution 3. Conclusion 4. Reference list ever proven that free trade for a country is a best policy. Tabor Schistose Economic globalization has become an irreversible historical trend in the modern country,and it has been shaping the world in a profound way. Especially since the ass of the 20th century,this trend even become more and more strong.

Any country want to get the rapid development in today’s society,they must seize the opportunity of economic globalization. But at the same time,they also need understand that economic globalization has the advantage and disadvantage. We can correct use it positive side,and make full preparation to cope the harm. Several aspects will be considered in this report,From the essence and characteristics of economic globalization departure,’ would analysis the impact of globalization on electronic, other production , and make put forward some appropriate coping strategies.

By research on the economic globalization for China,this report also will connect something about the Ronald Wright’s book,especially “processing trap”this concept. Introduction The trend of economic globalization is a distinct characteristic of our time.

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It is an objective law of productive forces independent of man’s will. So far, human have tasted blood from economic globalization. The economy of many countries has leap forward in recent years. The impact of globalization on China’s economic growth is far-reaching.

During the past 20 years, China’s international trade expanded 16 times,the rank in the world become more and more higher,evidence in the GAP increased. More and more China’s companies also get bigger and stronger,China’s rapid development of industrialization make it become a economic superpower in a short time. We can see that China depend on economic globalization achieved significant economic growth. Hands,China also influence the globalization,it has produced a double effects. Economic globalization promote the reasonable use of cheap Chinese labor.

From another point of view,it prevent the development of China’s innovative technology,be bad for the update of industrial development. (2012) The aim of this report is helping us study about the economy globalization,for the Chinese guys they can know something about their country and world’s situation,it also will talk something about “progress trap”,connect with book apply the author’s knowledge to all. The economic globalization already has been penetrated into every corner of the world,include our life.

Everyday when we get up from the bed,we through the newspaper,magazine,television or mobile phone read the news,we can see many interesting information about this world. You can through Google search you want the message,meanwhile drink some Coca-Cola. Economic globalization has made contact services. The main idea of economic globalization is a worldwide phenomenon where in countries economic situations can depend significantly on other countries. Many allied countries would provide the source each other,(Karee 2014).

With the expansion of socialized production in the international scale, deepening of international division of labor, the improvement of information technology, and the development of TNT (transnational corporation), economic globalization means that, goods, capital, labor, technology, knowledge and information—such these requisites of production move around the world freely, and more and more the economy of every country is related to each other, and rely on each other, the easier to become a organized whole.

Since the second world war,there are having many factors about prompting the acceleration of economic globalization,it include the economic factors and technological aspects, but also include the political, cultural and other aspects. And the main reason we can be summarized as the following point: Firstly:The revolution of scientific and technology change the material conditions, improved technology which makes it easier to communicate and share information around the world.

Secondly: The speed of free trade become more and more fast,it means the country contact become more and more closed. Thirdly,The inevitable requirement of market economy system need expand to the global. Finally,alliances mobility of labor. People prefer find the work chance to other countries. China as the largest development country already connect with the development of world together,especially economic globalization came to China,it has provided China with more opportunities and challenges.

In the past few years, because of the impact of economic globalization, China’s the power of economy become more and more strong, people’s lives has been a huge improvement and Chinese products also make a big progress walk to the world,the economic globalization really very important for China. Body In the world markets, globalization refers to the increasing interdependence among al the countries,it can proved by more and more transnational flows of capitals, such as goods and services, capital and technologies.

From the angle of international economic development, economic globalization in fact is the integration process of Therefore, the main performance of the economic globalization includes three aspects. Especially for China,because of the China has huge labor and large area,more and more international companies has interested in China. They are production globalization, trade globalization and investment liberalizing.

Production globalization:Such as Japan want to produce a calculate,their design old at Japan,it is microprocessor chips would provided from the United States, the case by the Indian production, some part and finally made are in China. Because of the China’s cheap labor,more and more countries put their product assemble in China,it bring some chance and solve the employment question for China.

Trade globalization:Since the beginning of this century,after China Join the WTFO(World Trade Organizational and more Chinese companies choice the “go out”strategy,when we were traveling,visiting or studying in some countries,we always can see some product that have “made in China”these three words. Len other words,it means more and more China’s companies are walking to the world. This is one of the important perform about China in the trade globalization. Investment liberalizing:With the development of production globalization and trade globalization,capital develop into every corner of world, the speed of capital become more and more fast,investors Just need enter some words in the keyboard,a lot of money would move from one market to another market in a short period time. According to the research,Len 2011 January to March,China import and export amounted to $800. 31 billion, up 29. 5% compare with last year. Among them, export 399. 64 billion, up 26. 5%;lampooned us $400. 6 billion, an increase of 32. 6%, the trade deficit of $1. 02 billion. Especially from 2006 to 2011 these time, China’s total actual use foreign direct investment of $426 billion, the average annual growth of 1 1. 9%, China already become the largest development country that attract investment in eighteen years. The world provide the opportunity for China,China also promote the world economic development. 2. 2. China Jotas WTFO WTFO is a worldwide trading organization, whose precursor is GATE (general agreement of tariff and trade).

The WTFO system encourages good government and Chinese consumers more choice and stimulate China’s economy grow. China Join in WTFO really is a very important choice,it promote China’s economy system reform and improve Chinese enterprises’ competition availabilities Chinese consumers more choice,Trade stimulates economic growth, and that can be good for full employment. So no matter what obstacles China will meet on its way to WTFO, China never stop his step. China must and should be the member of the World Trade Organization.

Because of the economic globalization,more and more Chinese machinery,electronic and some other product not Just sell in China,many china’s companies already sell heir product to the corner of world,many international companies also try export their capital to another country,such as China and America. Capital move from USA to China:A America company moved their factory from Cleveland to Shanghai,this company this action not only can use the China’s good labor to save the costing,but also improved their company’s reputation.

Capital move from China to USA:Len the Spring of 2005,the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation Cocoon tried to buy Uncial in the United Status,although it’s finally failed,but we also see the China’s company are walking to the integration. China company with United Status’s cooperate:one of the United Status technology company?APPLE INC. Their each phone in fact was by MEMO(Original Equipment Manufacturer )in China,their company Just responsible for and design and sell.

More and more example express that China production and industry already develop the important effect on the world,China borrow the economic globalization to become better,the world also borrow China to appear more valuable. 2. 4. The opportunity and challenge of economic globalization for China Opportunity: Firstly, with the expansion of China ‘s opening up, China has become the largest placement which attracted much more foreign investment than any other companies in China,it is making good use of foreign capital. Secondly,it expanding the foreign trade.

The impact of globalization on Chinese economic growth is far-reaching, during the past 20 years, Chinese international trade expanded times, and the foreign trade has become the important growth point. Thirdly,it is also is the most important point,economic globalization solve the China’s employment problem. As we all know, China has large population and sufficient labor force, for Chinese people and government, unemployment has become the big issue ND it is very difficult to deal with. But as more and more foreign enterprises have been established in China, it could offer more work opportunities for many people.

In southeast of China, there are 200 million country labor are working in the foreign factories. Economic globalization not only advanced the industrialization, but also promoted the rural development. Challenge: China as a development country like other development countries also has the same challenge. The reality of the international economic system is extremely unreasonable. Economic globalization did not bring to much benefits for developing entries, in addition to a few powerful developing countries could get a litter benefits. For China,firstly it would influencing the regional balance of development.

Most of the foreign investment is concentrated in the economically developed, good infrastructure and high rates area. The situation will result the unbalanced development of Chinese regional economy. Secondly,it threatening Chinese national industry development. Len recently years, more and more overseas businessmen and investors are coming to China, foreign investment has been developing at an unprecedented speed, lots of world- ammos multinational companies have been set up, which brought big challenges to Chinese national industry. Thirdly,it is damaging the global ecological environment.

The speed of free trade enhance the China’s ecological cost speeding,destroy the China’s environment. 2. 5. Effects: study the world’s advanced manage skills, realize the innovation of the management. Next,more and more international companies cooperate with China’s companies, it accelerate China’s industrialization process, improve industrial structure. Let help China Join the international division of labor,use China labor this advantage,expand overseas markets. What is more,the new technology revolution already walk to the China’s market,China can hold this chance develop the high-teach industries,make a big progress in economy.

Finally,with the help of economic development,China also can develop the education,culture or other industry,improve the country’s comprehensive national strength. The disadvantages of economic globalization for China From Ronald wrights this book,’ learn something about the “progress traps”. Like the author said,at the beginning human invent the arm Just want to live or protect themselves,many people also not realize that the arm old use in the war,take the lives of many people.

Economic globalization also like the “progress Trap”,although it make us life become better,but we also do not pay attention to the advantage aspect. Chinese although use economic globalization this chance develop the economic ,but anything have two sides,it also bring some disadvantage for them. China in some technology are so depending on western countries,in the process of globalization,promote the economic development source is capital,technology,talents,but many western countries Just use China cheap labor this point,Hinder the development of China’s innovative technology.

Some western countries would use economic globalization carry out favorable protectionist policies,make the resources and trade become inequality,then they would get more benefits from economic globalization,like China these development countries’ gap would further increase. The gap between rich and poor increase is also an important aspect. Many people wish with the help of economic globalization have a good life,but finally they Just get disappoint. Economic globalization is a chance also is a challenge,some people will become more richer,some people maybe will become more poor.

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