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Economics And Scarcity Problems

Economics and Scarcity Problems In most countries the birth rate has fallen as incomes and the economic opportunities for women have increased. The expansion of women’s income has discouraged fertility. Women have found it more expensive to have kids because of time and limited resources. First being a full time Mother can conflict with the amount of time away from the house. It cost money to have someone watch kids during the day. Women rather only have one or two children because excessiveness is expensive on both incomes.

Second, large family use to be necessary in the days of gig infant mortality rates and additional children were needed to ensure that a reasonable number would survive. But with today’s technology that is not likely an issue with families. Last we have more birth control options then before and it’s also affordable in lower income families in some countries. In the debate about clean air standards we have often heard the statement, “A nation as rich as the United States should have no pollution. ” This is a normative statement because it involves judgment about what should be or what ought to happen.

It says we should have no elution because the nation

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is rich gives it no room for testing or validating. So this in no way can help me make a decision on national air quality standards. A positive statement that might be useful in determining the air quality standards would be: If cars reduce less toxic in the air it can reduce the amount of pollution in our ecosystem. Government laws and regulations to reduce waste or polluting help increase companies responsiveness to the environment. Rational decision making can make a person better off because they can think of the outcome before they do something.

Think of it as a game of chest you need to plan your next move carefully because it will affect the next move you make after that. Always think about you next move because it will prepare you for life predicaments. For example I can study more to improve my grade is my first move but to improve my GAP to eventually get into a good Law school is my next move. If I study hard I will prepare myself to exceed my educational goals in life so I always have to keep the end in mind. And I didn’t learn this from school I learned this in the field at work.

I believe that Hollywood will make ore movies like Titanic because people romantic movies are what people normally prefer. The demand is high so even if it’s good movie or not it will still make it in Hollywood because it’s what the public likes. For example the Twilight movies where really bad to my opinion after the second one I stopped watching them because the book gave it more life then the actual movie. But people still want to go see them and they would stand in line overnight Just to be the first one to see it which was sad because that movie was driven out of proportion. Economics By accentuates

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