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How to bulid a web sit

With the emergence of the concept of much healthier, powerful user-friendly interface for development and creation of web pages, the task has somewhat become comparatively easier if we analyze it in line with the past experiences with less user favorable programming languages and a very complicated dos prompt interface. This is why we say that very less effort is required to build a website and everything one needs is freely and publicly available for everyone on the internet.

In simpler terms, one doesn’t need to spend large sum of money on purchase of expensive software packages or programming manuals or most importantly web server space which is open and free for all. Following is the list of what we do need: • Know how of basic computer skills: Like one needs to know what a knife does to use it, similarly to do any task that involves computer usage must require at least basic computer skills to get on with it.

The term basic computer skill does not mean that knowing about the computer is enough to create a website, one must be accustomed to the programs installed on the computer and most important of be at least aware of the different

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software and tools used in the creation and building of a web page. In the past decade of the 1990s, there has been a booming increase in the number of website on the web server.

This is not because everyone or most people know how to build a website, but a majority of them is of those who have a know how of creating and building websites which can easily be then uploaded on the web server through the internet and other users can access them easily through the web address allocated to each website. • Availability and access to personal computer: A computer should be available for the person building the web site, and access should be restricted as well as made easy so that the administrative problems do not occur.

• Access to the Internet An access to internet is required when the website has been created as well as during the process of being created to make sure sufficient amount of data is available to be put on the website. • Free HTML Editor (a web page construction tool) An HTML editor can be used to create the website. The editor is equipped with tools and material which helps the user in the creation of the website. Evem nowadays, tutorials and manual both in form of books or online are available for the developer to assist in the process of creating a website.

Most commonly used editors like MS Frontpage provides sufficient instruments and tips for the developer to assist in website creation. • a place on the world wide web to publish web page When the website has been created and all the information that needs to be put on the website have been put in order, the set of web pages usually joined by hyperlinks and tabs, need to be put on the web space available online which in simpler language is known as publishing.

Publishing is like a note on the notice board which can be accessed by everyone anytime and can only be modified or removed either by the authority monitoring the web space or the administrator him/herself. To publish a website on the web space requires eight steps that need to be followed. They are: • Defining objectives This means that the developer needs to understand and present what are the objectives of the website being published on the internet. Until and unless, the objective is not defined, the website is like an empty box which has no meaning or value for the person accessing it.

The objective can be either business or personal and in both cases the developer is limited by some constraints respectively. There are many grounds for constructing a web page but it is vital that the goals are obvious. The objectives should compel the substance and the plan. Many people put up home pages as a pastime, purely for their own personal development. Others build them to promote business, social, cultural, humanitarian, or business objectives as already mentioned. Information of web page development can assist in career building.

Many industries today have their own business web sites, which are merely internal Internet systems used to contribute to corporate information. The capability to correspond by electronic means is a precious skill to employers. • Designing the web pages The most significant part of the website is the textual substance. What is on paper should append value and make the guest desire to revisit. Evaluate web page objectives and your target audience and make your message suit that audience. Don’t fail to remember to verify spelling and grammar prior to publishing pages.

Publishing on the net is unlike from writing for a newspaper where benefits of multimedia potentials can be evaded. Photos, graphics, music and video can make the web site appealing. Graphics are frequently huge files that take time to download. Most people won’t linger more than some seconds for a web page to load depending on the speed of the connectivity. • Download HTML editor from the internet We will need to download an efficient and effective HTML editor from the internet. An HTML editor is an instrument that produces a computer program in HTML using a complicated word processor.

There are many good HTML editors available and most of them are free. For professional websites, mull over acquiring Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver MX. These characteristic rich products are low-cost and can help out in creating attractive and easily maintained websites. • Construct your site To start off, find a web page on the internet whose attributes which are professional enough to be used in the being developed web pages. Reproduce the graphics from that similar web page to the hard drive. Print off the HTML code and understand the methodology or the system the code works.

Make some slight changes to the HTML and observe the consequences in the web browser (i. e. Mozilla Firefox or Explorer). Do not overlook to save the program alterations and “reload” page in the browser. This process is not suggested to every user, but is a wonderful way to find out how HTML codes work . • finding a web server to publish the web site The website is now ready to be put on the internet. Copy the created pages and all graphic and music archive which the page apply from computer’s memory to a web server’s database (computer).

The Internet service provider (ISP) that is used for Internet admittance possibly will provide free web hosting to its customers. If not possible then there are a number of companies that will offer server space at no charge. We will be requisite to embrace a banner or icon someplace on the page to advertise the free hosting service or their sponsors. • Copy your pages to the web server Copying files from hard drive to the server is a straightforward method. The host site will timely ask for the name of the folder on the hard drive where the web page files are saved and the names of the precise files to be uploaded.

To evade perplexity, make sure that all files are saved on the server using the same file names that were used on the hard drive. The only software that is required to upload files is a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Instead, free FTP software (File Transfer Protocol) can also be used. • Promote your website There are hundreds of search engines in employed today. Even though it is free of charge to add URLs to a number of search engines, the listing endeavor does take time.

Most key search engines now charge fees for registration. Search engines can be national, international, or of specified by subjects. Some huge search engines, though, are used by the majority internet users as a regular practice. For efficient promotion and advertisement purposes, these search engines provide an effective platform. On the other hand, URL submission service for site registration with multiple search engines at once trail your hits and superior adjustment can be used to enhance the appeal of the website.

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