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What Is Data Tea’s Stance On Cause Marketing

The branded bus, which will be the central factor of the Hydra, will interact with the youth in every city, understand their perspectives on the Issue of corruption and Impress upon them the need for their involvement – all in a fun and relaxed manner that they would associate and respond to. He Ago Re Backbone page has the image of a large plain white mug with the morning newspaper next to it. The image captures the subtlety with which an approximately $1 billion brand like Data Tea (now Data Global Beverages) has transformed the traditional marketing of tea.

The white mug has no branding of Data Tea on it, and yet the slogan Ago Re and Data Tea are synonymous. Behind the image lies one of the most successful brand campaigns to have come out f India in the last five years. This is clearly reflected in the almost three lash page Likes Ago Re has; Its nearest competitor, Brooke Bond Tag Mall (by Hindustan Milliner), has 3,014 likes. The ‘likes’ are also a reflection of how Data Tea changed the target audience of tea from a middle-aged person to the youth brigade hungry for change. And it did so

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without screaming the brand name out.

When it launched the Ago Re campaign in 2007, it had no idea what It stumbled on to. Ago Re-?meanly Wake Up’-?was a brand campaign to bring all the Data brands of tea like Again, Gemini, Kananga Devon, under the parent brand of Data Tea. It was a bold to take on a serious competitor, HULL. What they did, In turn, was take on serious issues and become the bridge between problems and solutions. The marriage between Ago Re, a social awakening, and Data Tea created a case study for any cause marketing campaign not only because of the scale of the idea but also for its reach.

Sansei Saris, regional president, South Asia, Data Global Beverages, says, “While tea may wake you up, Data Tea awakens you. The campaign demonstrated Data Tea’s thought leadership in positioning tea as a medium of ‘social awakening’ and not Just ‘physical awakening’. – While the theme matched the angst of youngsters. It also helped Data Tea reach that it addressed at least 720-780 million people, those above 18 and eligible to vote. All along, Data Tea has been able to ride the wave of trends in social activism.

After the buzz of elections died down, and even before anyone could anticipate the spate of corruption scandals that would unfold in the years to come, Ago Re had moved on to the theme of corruption. Harris Bijou, CEO, Hairs Bijou Consults Inc that specialties in brand and business strategy, says, “l think the campaign resonates closely with the latent issue, which seems to touch everyone. The fact remains India is against corruption, but everyone is touched by it and participates in it as a giver or taker. Again, Data Tea hit the right chord, and the nature of the scandals that breakout soon after gave them the reach similar to the theme of elections. “What issues to take on came from them [Data Tea], and they have always managed to lead sentiment that is around the corner,” says R Balk’, chairman & chief creative officer, Lowe Lint’s. But they chose their causes Judiciously. For example, Ago Re had been running with the corruption theme for a while when Anna Hazer went on an indefinite hunger trite on April 5, 2011.

The Anna movement may have been the perfect platform for the cause to be propagated. But Data Tea executives had a doubt: Do they align themselves with Anna? With a nation that was deeply agitated and rallying behind Anna, it would have been the easiest thing for them to back him. But, after intensive discussions, the executives decided that they will not align themselves to anything political. Instead, they decided to take on a campaign that saw two lash people pledging never to bribe again. This is what made Ago Re a phenomenal success.

The team knew what readerships to strike and which ones to strike out. For example, the campaign set out as a clear-cut issue of participatory governance. So, the ‘One Billion Votes’ property was created in association with Jangler, an MONGO based in Bangor that works in the sector. Together, Jangler and Ago Re set out to register voters over a period of five years targeting the top 35 cities of India. With Sangria’s help, an online voter registration form was provided. In one year, over six lash voters registered on laager. Mom. Data Tea did not stop there. Since the online format would help only those with internet connectivity, it built teams to go on the ground to help people vote. Talks were organized in over 200 of Indian’s largest colleges and companies to spread the message and to organism on-the-spot voter registration drives. Message. Data Tea put its muscle behind every single communication medium: TV, print, radio, online, and even sent volunteers to places that have no access to these forms of communication.

Balk says, “A lot of information which goes on Backbone are created by thoughts that happen through the TV campaigns, and the digital agency takes it forward. ” This aimless integration of communication has clearly made Ago Re one of the lead campaigns for tea in India. With a crucial round of general elections coming up in 2014, we have to wait and watch if Data Tea can still read and lead public sentiment. Balk adds, “This time, it is not Just asking people about voting, but taking it one step forward to create awareness of what you are voting for. Read more: http://forebodings. Com/article/philanthropy-awards-2012/data-tea- champion-of-cause-marketing/34249/1 #ixzz37SFyFqmJ From cartons to playbacks, heritage plantation to a branded beverage company, Goon Chalk’ to ‘Ago Re’, Data tea has come a long way since its inception in 1986 when the packaged tea market was dominated by one large player with over 70 per cent market share. Data Tea claims to stand for a way of life for its consumers and has transformed the way beverages are marketed through its ‘Ago Re’ campaigns.

Striking a chord with the youth, the tea brand launched a series of campaigns over the last four years that wove in the theme of social issues. Social stimulation Data Tea was launched with a communication on its product functionality of ‘garden fresh. From there it has moved to the current campaign since 2007, which is about bringing important social issues to the forefront of societal mindset. “The campaign has worked on two levels: by intertwining the themes of civic consciousness with that of the physical and psychological boost that a cup of tea delivers.

The ‘Ago Re’ campaign drives synergy by providing a common, unique umbrella message of ‘social awakening’ that brings its national brands together,” says Viking Grover, Vice- President, Marketing, Data Global Beverages. He adds that, ‘Ago Re’ has not Just fleeted the nation’s mood, in many ways, it has been ahead of the curve and in fact shaped the nations mood. “Causes like corruption etc were taken up far before they became popular topics of discussion,” he says. Viking Grover, Vice President, marketing, Data global Beverages The latest TV builds on giving due importance to issues, big or small.

Having addressed the youth, the campaign has now broad based its footprint and begun to address the woman of the house, more squarely in recognition of her role as a pivotal agent of change in this country. But what has been the philosophy behind the ‘Ago Re’ campaign? Grover explains that ‘Ago Re’ as a campaign attempts to facilitate social awakening by the brand been able to make a shelf space in the homes of its audience? Smashup Mishmashes, Chief Executive at research agency RONDOS, points out that the advantage that the brand has had is that it has always been tied as a household brand. The Data Salt comfort feeling plus the comfort feeling of Data in other products, which gives it an edge over others who want to enter this space. Therefore, it also helps the tea brand to get into the maidenhair of the consumer, hence, increasing the global brand recall. About the campaign he adds that ‘Ago Re’ campaign is a general Jargon that helps if one looks at the basic necessity of tea whether rural or urban. “It passes on the message that the basic need of the tea is to get fresh,” Mishmashes adds. Smashup Mishmashes, Chief Executive at research agency RONDOS Voice of young?

This brings us to the question, why has Data Tea taken the route of social issues for its campaigns? Grover says that Data Tea campaign was launched to redefine the role of tea from being a mere physical rejuvenator to a medium of social awakening and has been a wake-up call for the country’s social-minded youth. We believe that the campaign is such a success because it builds upon the huge strengths of not Just the Data brand but also our beliefs within the Data Global Beverages organization. Because there is such a close fit there is a very high level of credibility and uniqueness attached to what we do,” he adds.

Rumanian Sahara, Founder CEO, Brand Com, feels that today’s youth is a lot more conscious about society and environment that older people. “This generation has a greater concern for social issues and from that perspective Data tea campaigns have enabled youth, where other brands were talking to housewives. For example Red Label or Three Roses talked about freshness, they were talking to the older segment, with women being the decision makers etc. From many perspectives the advertising is different and has created an impact.

But that does not mean that that is the way to go, what happens is that an encompassing campaign like this does not address some of the other brand offerings,” he adds. Since tea as a category is very deeply penetrated in India and it is consumed across various age groups, socio economic classes and different town classes. The brand claims its core target as the small town women who are leading he thought change in society today. Though Grover also claims that, youth is the heart of the brand. “One can think of it as the brand targets the young at heart who lead the change agenda in this country,” he appends.

Top of mind recall? According to SCHEMAS, tea in India presently has a CARR of 15 per cent at an annual turnover of RSI 19,500 core, which is estimated to grow to RSI 33,000 core by 2015. The branded tea market accounts for nearly 55 per cent of the total market and is growing at about 20 per cent while the unbranded market is growing at 10 per cent annually. Rumanian Sahara, Founder CEO, brand-com Sahara explains that Data Global Beverages has been able to try to create a space in the minds of the consumer, because of its various product offerings in the same category in different geographies.

For example it has been strong in the south with apart and captured some attention. If one looks at advertising as an important variable in the marketing mix, clearly their advertising has been different and national,” he says. According to an SCHEMAS report Data tea leads the market in sales volume with a 20 per cent share while Hindustan Milliner is the current market deader in terms of sales value with over 20 per cent share. The brand claims to believe that change and disruption is at the heart of its DNA.

In the 25 years of its existence Grover titles that the brand disrupted the category by creating the poly pack revolution, which led to the redefinition of the tea category and large scale conversion from commodity. He explains, “We launched the most successful new offering in this industry over the last two decades (Data Tea Gold) here it was the product which was truly differentiated and based on a deep understanding of consumers. Over time we launched the most successful campaign that this category has seen and this formed umbrella messaging for all our Data Tea brands.

We created distribution initiatives that led the thought agenda, most notably ‘Goon Chalk’. ” Spreading the aroma Most of the advertising for the brand is primarily led by TV however Data Tea claims to have a 360 degree communication approach, with focus both on BTL and TTL. “Different brands use different vehicles as primary mode of communicating for example Data Tea Again relies heavily on BTL communication in addition to the synergies driven by the ‘Ago Re’ campaigns,” adds Grover. The brand’s communication also includes digital and on-ground activations.

With the use of digital the brand has led the category agenda as far this space is concerned with the voting campaign that created a community of more than half a million in little time. Our digital philosophy has been all about enabling our TAG to live the change. “The advertising is the differentiating factor for Data tea because it talks to a different genre of people not only the housewives,” explains Sahara. The focus of many FMC has been the housewife and her immediate family with her zone of interest. Therefore there is a difference between the latest campaign with the new campaign of Data tea about big and small responsibilities.

One is in the same area, but talking to different people. If one is looking at a brand that is different from the clutter of other brands, I would think it is Data tea,” he adds. Grover on the other hand looks at a bright future and says that the industry continues to be a gold mine of untapped opportunity with us being leaders with a 10 per cent share of the overall pie (including loose). He adds that there continues to be huge scope for innovation that an fundamentally alter the industry structure and upgrade the tea drinking habits of consumers.

One Indian brand that has been consistent and successful in its cause marketing effort is Data Tea with its Ago Re platform. It is a perfect example of how a brand can take up a cause which aligns perfectly with the core of the brand and works well for the cause itself. Viking Grover, UP & Head Marketing – India & South Asia, Data Global Beverages Ltd (TAGS) points out that for cause marketing to be successful it is essential to find that sweet spot that will work well for the society as well as for the brand.

This is only possible if the messaging remains true to the core of the brand and does not appear schizophrenic where the brand is preaching something and stands for something completely opposite. Tea is something that is taking the crucial issue of exercising your mandate to vote. It’s on a mission to awaken the society and hit an ace in terms of its communication. Ago Re has taken issues that have been around but been not given popular voice. But with their communication these issues have found a voice and probed the minds of many Indians.

As Viking aptly puts, for cause marketing it is about being at the cusp of ongoing well as well as doing good- integrate the brand message with the social message. Viking in this interview with Tuning And of Paul Writer takes us through the Journey of Ago Re and sheds light on the current campaign- Power of 49. Ago Re as a platform has worked well for Data Tea, how has this association helped the brand? Data Tea Ago Re has over the years awakened millions of people by addressing serious issues like voting, corruption and positivist.

This campaign, which highlighted social issues like corruption and voting long before they became topics of conversation, has made the Data Tea brand youthful and edgy. The past Ago Re campaigns have had a tremendous impact – the campaign which kick started in the year 2007 has most recently taken on the task of addressing deep rooted mindsets and biases against women in the country. ; For instance the voting campaign done around the 2009 elections, struck a chord with the country’s youth and led to over six lash registrations on Jaeger. Mom ;Then the Ago Re campaign moved out to a different theme which was corruption, much before the same became the talk of the entire nation. During this time, the team decided to take on a campaign that saw two aka people pledging never to bribe again Most importantly, over the last few years TAGS has achieved, in addition to volume and thought leadership, value leadership in the country. What led to the current campaign on power of 49 and how is it being supported in various forms of media?

To take the thought forward on Power of 49, we believe, like all our Ago Re campaigns have done, we need to awaken women to the power they have to make a change they wish to see. Towards this, a simple statistic translated into a powerful thought. Women constitute 49% of the voter base in India UT often do not get their due as they are not yet seen as a determining factor in elections. This campaign seeks to awaken women to this ‘Power of 49’ and encourages them to exercise their right to vote at the upcoming general elections.

The spontaneous response to the concept from various influencer, including celebrities at IF and industry leaders at various forums, has been compelling – which only shows that people resonate with this powerful thought and believe in it. The campaign has also been mentioned as a reference for the internal employee communication program undertaken by Informs. We are hoping that we see this momentum sustained till the elections. The campaign is supported through TV communication, digital engagement and other forms of media.

What is Data Tea’s stance on cause marketing and how can it be a sustainable activity and not an afterthought? One needs to be consistent to sustain and whenever Data Tea has come up with a new campaign, it has seen people’s participation that has brought the change in the society. Whether it’s the voting campaign done around the 2009 elections or the latest ‘Power of 49’ campaign, Data Tea-Ago Re has been instrumental in identifying subjects which are relevant to the country’s current tuition and has maintained sustainability.

Ago Re becomes relevant during maintain the buzz? Over the years, Ago Re as a social platform strives to address critical civic issues prevailing in the society, be it voter turnout, corruption or women issues. This year we have emphasized on women’s equality appealing our citizens to treat women as equals. The message came out strongly when SIR himself committed to put the heroine’s name ahead of the hero in his films. With the elections coming, we felt it was time to address women’s issue on a larger platform by enabling them as voters to change the society.

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