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P.O.B Production sba

School Based Assessments
CSEC Principles of Business
West St. George Secondary School
Jomodean Alexander

Description of the Business
General Blams Mechanics & Body works Shop will be operated by Jomodean Alexander who is an entrepreneur. General Blams Mechanics & Body works shop is going to be operated as a sole trader business, in which it will be assisting in different areas for .e.g. it will be providing vehicle service for any type of vehicle which will include the; repairing of vehicle the building of vehicle & the selling of vehicles. It will be commencing from Monday to Saturday, Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm and on Saturday From 9:00am to 2:00pm.

Justification of Location
General Balms Mechanics & Body works shop will be located in Kingstown opposite the old tennis court. It will be located in Kingstown because, everybody have to come in town, it is the only Mechanics & Body works shop in its area, it’s the cheapest in the country, the most affordable and gives the best of the best job to be done.

Selection of appropriate Labor
General Blams Mechanics & Body works shop requires a skilled labor force; persons who have a certificate in Mechanics & Body works it also requires persons with

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CSEC subject/ `A’ level Subjects which include: Mathematics: 2/1, English: 2/1 and any business subject. It want at least 5 persons: (2) of them to assist in the mechanics area, (2) of them to assist in the Body works area and the other 3 of them to assist in being the handy man in which they would help bring the tools etc.

Sources of Fixed and Working Capital
General Blams Mechanics & Body works shop, the sources of my fixed capital, refers to my fixed assets, is only another term used in accounts that means the same as fixed assets, examples of my fixed capital are: Business premise

Computers for record keeping
Mechanical tools

Role of the Entrepreneur
The role of the entrepreneur is for him/ her to make sure that their workers to their job and to do it in the way the entrepreneur wants them to do it.

Type of Production
In my business it will be identify as a Secondary Production because of the type of work that we are going to be doing.

Levels of Production

Use of Technology


Potential for Growth

Government Regulations

Ethical Issues

Communication of information in a logical way using correct grammar

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