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This print advertisement is about LG’s refrigerator which has a built in LCD television. In my opinion this advertisement does a reasonably well job as far as creativity is concerned. Furthermore, the print advertisement is effectual to exhibit the unique feature of the built-in television in an artistic style. Also this ad persuades people to purchase the product so they can get the pleasure of entertainment in their kitchen. This advertisement wants to create a romantic atmosphere in the kitchen so that people can enjoy by dancing and cheering over a couple of drinks too in the kitchen.

It chiefly focuses on romantic couples who would like to create such a surrounding in the boundaries of their own homes. The entire advertisement supports a very idealistic environment. The ambiance such as the wine, the dancing couple, the lighting, the program on the television, the background all create a feeling that the advertisers want to portray. The basic message of this advertisement is that one can have relaxation almost any where with the innovative ideas and the technological advancement in the world. It seems to capture its audience by creating a dreamy atmosphere which has the elements of joy and laughter.

It helps

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remind people of old memories and make new ones with their partners, it develops a good combination of enjoying one self over candle light dinners and create a sensation of romantic evenings. There are many television addicts that are more likely to purchase this product that do not want to miss their favorite soaps and movies during lunch and dinner time, this advertisement fails to target those enormous sum of people, who are addicted to the television and would want to dine while the television is switched on.

Also many people would love to enjoy their meals with their families and spend quality time with their loved ones. Another theme LG could adopt would be the closeness to the family in the promotion of their products. The written text does not create such an affectionate feeling as the visuals in this print ad. “Shall we dance in the kitchen? ” the title of the ad does not seem to be that appealing it should be something gentler. Moreover, the other written text should be more tempting to create a loving mood instantaneously.

Phrase like “Dance and dine” and “Spectacular dinners at home” should be incorporated in the text. The visuals were successful to persuade me, as I would love to have such a setting in my kitchen. When ever I would want a brand new refrigerator I would go for this model but the main reason I would purchase this refrigerator is to save space as the TV takes up a lot of space and since everyone in the family, gathers in the kitchen for me making the kitchen spacious would be my prime objective.

Additionally the idea seems nice and convinces me to buy such a product. The main objective of an advertisement is to deliver the right message to the potential customers at the correct time and appropriate place. The integrated marketing program aims to match the company’s time and budget constraints in order to effectively convey the company’s message regarding the product. It is vital for the message to be distributed to the customer in a suitable manner so the potential customers are informed about the products and are persuaded to buy.

Integrated Marketing Communication program has all the tactics functioning in the same direction. For instance in the case of print advertisement if LG wants to create a fun and romantic feeling through its print advertisements it should use the same approach with regards to its television and website advertisements. All of the ads of the LCD incorporated in the refrigerator should portray the same image in the minds of the potential consumer.

Hence instead of these ads being treated in isolation they should be developed to give out the same core message. Also for the company to continue with the integrated marketing strategy it is essential that the theme of the advertisement should be relevant to the buyer and it should be steady theme the marketers want to use over a specific time period. There must be a strong association with the message the company wants to display otherwise all the marketing efforts will go in vain.

The integrated marketing communication plan should be tested before the advertisement is launched in the market as there is a huge sum of money involved in introducing these ads. The advertisement does a decent job to integrate the activities of the theme of the advertisement by being published in newspapers and magazines. According to the budget the company has to decide which methods to use that will also support its product. Reference: http://www. lge. com/about2/mediacenter/images/Printads2005_imgL01. jpg

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