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Essay On Project Management

Projects do not always go according to plan and it is generally the case that when this happens, work takes more, rather than less time, than expected. Good project management recognises the internal and external factors that might throw a project off schedule. Monitoring progress carefully will help identify the likely impact of any delays so that action can be taken to get the project back on track. Chassis & Body: the physical support chassis and outer casing are made in America.

There can be potential risks due to bad weather, Ship mechanical failure, or labour strikes make project completion particularly uncertain. Also Lack of communication and trust between Callister and his colleagues with the Supplier or expertise within the company to decide how units were to be developed may delay the SCANTEL PROJECT. Contingency planning means trying to identify possible sources of disruption to the project so that in the event of a problem. The lens (events 5-38-44) the business may have to request employee to undertake overtime and get the particular geometry and precision right.

Alternatively, the Company may have to wait for another two year for the World Trade show or if things get really bad, tell the boards

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that deliveries will delay or recruit new employee. The use of additional recourses to reduce project completion time is termed crashing the project. The idea is to reduce overall indirect project costs by increasing direct costs on particular task. One of the most obvious ways of decreasing task duration is to allocate additional labour to a task.

This can be either an additional team member or through overtime working to enable a decision to be made on the potential benefits of crashing task. As shown in appendix 9 When you crash a project, you hope to trade off time for money. The project spends more money to (with luck) deliver in less time. And this can still make economic sense in the long run. For example, high-tech gadgets grow obsolete at an alarming pace, so getting the goods to market sooner can mean an increase in profit, which more than makes up for the crashing cost.

Crashing a task can change the critical path on the project, even adding a task to the critical path that wasn’t there before. Additional reductions in duration come at increasingly higher prices. The critical path is the path through the network with the greatest total duration. (Andrew Greasley pg 375 2006) the critical path method was developed by Dupont during 1950s to manage plant construction. The PERT approach was developed by the US Navy during the development of the Polaris Submarine launched ballistic Missile System during the same decade.

(Sapolsky,1972, Andrew Greasley pg 375 2006) A project can have more than one critical path, if several paths tie for the greatest duration. Activates on the path must be started and completed on time; otherwise the total project will not be completed on time. I used the PT, Pessimistic time: the maximum possible time required to accomplish a task, assuming everything goes wrong (but excluding major catastrophes). It follows that each event on the path must have the same earliest and latest time as shown in appendix 9. 1 highlighted in orange.

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