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Role of Destination Marketing Organisations

I have chosen to investigate EE’s and John Lewis’s marketing techniques as they are both large profitable businesses which are well known within the UK due to their marketing teams. They both are large companies within their markets and have plenty of competition from other businesses which means they must constantly outsell the competition to keep their place as a corporate giant. John Lewis and EE both advertise their products on TV a lot with both company’s using different kinds of advertising methods within their TV adverts. For instance, they can use celebrities which they can associate their products with so people will think of their product when they see that celebrity.
EE have many ways they market their products which is why they became so successful in such a short amount of time. EE was founded in 2010 so it hasn’t had to long to become a well-established company. EE has built their company based on market research and finding out what their customers want from them. EE has a lot of competition within the phone market from companies such as Vodafone, O2, and three.


What is EE marketing strategy?

One strategy EE constantly use to market their products is through celebrities in TV adverts and in promotional posters that are strategically placed. EE base their TV adverts around Kevin Bacon to make their adverts standout to people who are watching them. Using celebrities such as Kevin Bacon to advertise their products can help build brand equity. EE mainly use Kevin Bacon to promote their products, but they also use other celebrities depending the type of deal they are offering. For instance, they have used Rio Ferdinand to show off their offer of 6 months of free BT sport. This really helps with the marketing side of promoting the deal they have and convincing people to join EE rather than competitors. People may also join EE as a celebrity they like is promoting their products.

EE use freebie marketing a lot to convince people to choose them over a competitor such as O2. They have exclusive offers in which they give customers 6-month periods of certain subscription services such as apple music and BT sport. This is an advantage for EE and companies such as apple as if people like apple music after 6 months they will continue to pay apple for their membership which helps build publicity for apple and makes the offer EE have sound better. They also market through social media which is one of the cheapest methods of marketing and one of the most effective as most people have access to social media in some form. One marketing strategy EE used to convince people into choosing their network was to give London taxis free 4g for people to try out and use before it initially released so they would join EE instead of a competitors 4g network.


What is John Lewis marketing strategy?

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John Lewis is a marketing manager,  was first founded in 1864 and have been successfully expanding and growing their business through several marketing methods. They have had to adapt their business to adjust to certain trends throughout the years which they have managed to do well keeping the business profitable. Over the years John Lewis have built customer loyalty which is how they are staying a profitable business with a good reputation.

John Lewis market their products in many ways but they are famous for using seasonal marketing at Christmas through their Christmas adverts. John Lewis have been making Christmas adverts since 2007 even making people believe that the Christmas period does not start until they release their Christmas advert which is an incredible way to increase publicity. John Lewis’s sales are always much higher over the Christmas period as they heavily market their products towards potential customers throughout December. John Lewis have always marketed their products as being sold at a fair price. If they find a competitor selling a product at a lower price they will instantly meet the price of the product being sold.

Both companies are successful in their marketing techniques as both EE and John Lewis are large profitable businesses within their own markets. John Lewis have and EE both use TV advertisements to promote their products they have but both companies advertise on TV in different ways. John Lewis have become famous for their Christmas adverts, so they get lots of attention around the Christmas period which is when people go shopping the most, so they earn a large profit. EE also heavily market their products on TV with using Kevin Bacon as a method of selling products to people. EE also market their products across all platforms of social media as the people who just bought products from them such as phones will be able to see adverts on apps such as Instagram. EE offer loyalty programmes to customers who have had phone contracts with them for long periods of time. This is a key part of EE’s marketing strategy as offering rewards for customers can increase the chances of future sales and repeat purchases.

Overall, I would say EE have the best marketing methods as they haven’t been around as long as John Lewis has but they have grown significantly since they first started as a phone network company. However, John Lewis is still an incredibly successful company as they have been around for so long and have remained a top profitable business. John Lewis have had to change their marketing techniques over the years for instance this year Waitrose and John Lewis have created an advert together because of their partnership to market both of their products. In comparison EE have also done this with other companies such as BT to promote BT sports to their customers.

The limitations and constraints of marketing are elements or factors which restrict businesses such as EE and John Lewis from reaching their full marketing potential when trying to advertise products to people. There are certain laws that businesses must follow in order for their marketing methods to be used and suitable for the public.

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