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Place of the Advert

As the proposed new store is in the border area, it will be possible for me to reach my entire target market through them. T.V. advertising has a great impact on viewers as it uses color, sound and movement. It is not selective in its target range. As my target age, is spread from about 10 – 70, I will be able to distribute the timing of my adverts between the low cost times, and the higher cost times, E.G. during Coronation Street.

Commercial radio

The use of advertising by this method has increased greatly over the last few years. The advantage of this kind of advertising is that it is relatively cheap, and can be repeated regularly. The disadvantage is that even though the radio can be listened to in a variety of different places, car, bus, home etc., it is often on as back ground noise and people may not be paying full attention to the advert.

Local press As my target market is spread across the whole of England it is important for me to advertise in a number of different newspapers. The placing of the advert is also very important.

Shop display

The window inside display shops must be eye catching and

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tempting. There is an argument for putting a computer with interesting displays in the window, buy this had the opposite effect of increasing the chance of burglary on the shop.

For my marketing I will put an advertisement in the local newspaper and form a website where people can search through the products and order them using the mail order service. My main source of advertising will be in computer magazines, most of these will be mail order purchases. This is good because it means I will be able to order my computer parts as and when I need them. For my promotions I will be able to give away free software to people buying expensive computers. I will also give customers vouchers, to give the money off future purchases, encouraging them to use my company in the future. I think that my best method of advertising is word of mouth. As long as I provide a high quality service, word will get round very fast and I will get lots of business.

Shop layout At all times of the year the inside of the shop should be bright, uncluttered and welcoming to tempt buyers in. all wall space should be used. The cash point should be placed at the rear of the shop for security reasons. I will also need to place a staff room so staff does not get too tired.

Here is a list of some of the products I am going to be selling. A cheap Cyrix 6X86 MMX 233MHz Computer with 24 speed CD-ROM, 15″ monitor, sound blaster PCI 128. I will include windows millennium edition and some word processing software. The price of this package will be 800. A home computer system with an Intel Pentium 233 MMX. This is a far better processor than the Cyrix. It will have 128 Mb of super fast 133MHz ram and a DVD drive. It will include a large hard drive, a voodoo two, banshee chipset, for a graphics accelerator and a sound blaster live sound card. This would be the ideal computer for a game player. The price for this package will be �1000

A work machine. With an Intel celeron A333 processor and a slot 1 motherboard. This is an excellent computer and with a 32X CD-ROM and the voodoo 2 banshee will be able to cope with all graphics. I will include a 10 Gb hard drive and a useful 256 Mb of ram. The price for this luxury computer will be 1200. My final package will be aimed right at the top end user. It will have the Intel Pentium 4, 500 MHz processor, again a EX Chipset slot 1 motherboard. It will have 512 Kb cache and 256 Mb of ram. This will also include a Primax 500 scanner and a Lexmark 250 printer this will be my most expensive package at 1500!!! The way I am going to work out my balance sheets, is by taking an average price of a computer and multiplying it by the number of sales. To make it more realistic, I have said that I am going to sell more of the lower specification computers so the average price per machine will be 950

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