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Transition metal

Your presentation should not exceed FIVE slides and you are given 10 minutes (each group) to present. Do not exceed the time limit. There is no need for the write-up but you can exchange your slides with others in the class for reference. You may refer to your Robbins and Cluster’s eBook and internet resources. The Scenario You are the Chief Executive Officer of a fashion chain called Him.

Given a hanging business environment which includes customers’ taste, competitions, and innovation, how would you manage the following situations? Group 1: In what conditions can you make a rational decision making when dealing with customer complaints. Group 2: Differentiate the elements of structured problems, e. G. , running out of stocks; and unstructured problems, e. G. , In case of fire In one of your chains Group 3: You have given your marketing unit to achieve 10% Increase In market share n Koala Lump.

Following the Management By Objectives (MOB), Identify FOUR elements of MOB and some of the problems with this management strategy. Group 4: Given the nature of the fashion retail business, Identify FOUR corporate growth strategies you can apply In this business. Give examples. Group 5: How can you

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apply Porter’s THREE generic competitive strategies In this business. Group 6: What are the THREE contemporary designs you can develop In this business.

Give examples on how you can do It. Group 7: What are the FOUR major functions of communication that you can educate your staff to ensure the smooth operation of this business. Group 8: When you are faced with conflicts, what are the FIVE management options, you can take In order to solve conflicts In your business. Group 9: When you Intend to CHANGE the behavior of your people and foster Innovation In your business, what are the THREE types of change you can take and lead.

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