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Economic Impact Of Globalization

ACTAVIS BULGARIA EAD Sofia is the Bulgarian branch of the international generic pharmaceutical company Actavis Group hf. Headquartered in Iceland the Group operates in 28 countries with more than 7,000 employees. Actavis is one of the leading European providers of generic pharmaceuticals, with turnover and EBITDA in 2004 of EUR 452 million and EUR 115 million, respectively. It develops manufactures and distributes generics under its own brand name and acts as an outsourcing partner for other major pharmaceutical companies.

The Bulgarian chapter of Actavis’s history started in 1999 with the privatization of three states owned pharmaceutical factories located in the cities of Dupnitca, Razgrad and Troyan. In the five-year period to 2004 all of them have been completely renovated in order to comply with the European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards. Currently Actavis operates in the country split into two divisions – Operations and Sales & Marketing. Actavis Operations is a holding company responsible for the management of the three factories providing first class generic products, mainly for the Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian and CIS markets.

The Sales & Marketing division is represented in the country by Actavis Bulgaria EAD, a company registered under the Bulgarian law. It employs about 200 people and

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operates three warehouses in the country. Actavis Bulgaria EAD is mainly focused on marketing the Group’s products as first class generics on the Bulgarian market, which is the third biggest market for the company’s own brand revenues world-wide. Motivation: Motivation means different things to different individuals.

For some, it may be an incentive and for others, a psychological backing or setting a good example. Motivation is something abstract and the difficulties arise when one tries to explain its meaning and application. A wide variety of assumptions have been made on motivation by observing the resultant behavior of motivation. Based on these assumptions and research findings, motivation has been defined in a number of ways. Vroom defines motivation as a process, which governs choices made by persons or lower organisms among alternative forms of voluntary activity.

(Vroom, 1964) Motivations are the act of inducing an individual to follow a desired course of action. The desired course of action may be for the good of the individual or for the one who is inducing the individual towards a desired course of action or both. Zedeck and blood contend that motivation is a predisposition to act in a specific goal-directed way. (Sedeck & Blood, 1974) According to Atchison: Motivation is the immediate influence on the direction, vigor, and persistence of behavior.

(Atchison, 1964) Gellerman defines motivation as steering one’s actions towards certain goals and committing a certain part of one’s energies to reach them. (Gellerman, 1963) In the view of Shartle, motivation is “a reported urge or tension to move in a given direction or to achieve a certain goal. (Shartle, 1956) Since the Company is mainly focused on marketing it is very important for the employees to be motivated in order to capture the market since attracting a customer is not an easy job especially in the case of generics.

Motivation can make the employees get all the targets settled by the Organizations. In the case of ACTAVIS the managers should also make the most of the Maslow’s needs satisfaction theory which is the base of motivating an individual. In order to motivate the employees it is important for the company to understand the basic needs of the employees. Employee Wants: Just as the definition of basic human needs is a highly complex task, it naturally follows that there are no easy assumptions concerning what employees really want from the organization.

In various surveys, the following are some of the more typically specified wants: Pay: This want helps in satisfying physiological, security, and egoistic needs. The design of a monetary compensation system is exceedingly complex since it serves to satisfy multiple needs and cannot alone motivate the whole person. Security of job: Because of threats from technological change, this want is high on the list or priorities for many employees and labor unions. The underlying need of general security is also high on the list of priorities in the suggested need hierarchy of Maslow.

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