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All Eyes Marketing Plan and SWOT

Executive Summary

All Eyes On You Secretively (all eyes) is a wireless monitoring camera initially targeting parents and caregivers requiring assistance of nannies, home-health aides, or baby-sitters to take care of loved ones while away from home. All Eyes, will be the household ultimate brand of all time, and the synonym for “protector”, much like the Hoover company name is a noun, meaning a carpet cleaner and with a verb to the company’s name, as in “hovering a carpet “. As a new brand offering, it will be pitched with “brand building” criteria for creating brand elements in focus.

All Eyes will be simple, easily recognized, and a necessity that will make people wonder how past generations survived without it. All other web cams, and camera monitoring devices will pale in comparison to All Eyes which will secure lives and protect loved By Dissolve Apple started in a garage, All Eyes, is from the humble beginnings of a great idea from a few graduate students, currently with limited resources, but with the heart and perseverance of Steve Jobs, to build a memorable, meaningful and likeable survival tool for this generation.

With a launch from New York City, All Eyes will quickly generate enough to allow re-investment of profits to facilitate targeting the rest of the US, Asia and Africa, and to become the “protector” giant in the security electronics market.

2. 0 Situation Analysis

All Eyes on You Secretively faces a tough competitive market. The competitors have a broader targeting map and also more categories of products. All Eyes on You Secretively is only selling spy cameras for the home to a certain type of customer.

The macro environment factors needed to be considered are demographic, geographic and product knowledge and customization to fit the customer’s needs. All Eyes on You Secretively capabilities will be in being able to help the customer customize any object in the home for security. A personal touch will be offered to serving each customer’s needs, while knowing that there is a need and a market of single mothers and families that share the same or similar living arrangements, and have the responsibility for taking care of children and elderly parents, but need the assistance of someone else when away from home.

2.1 Market Summary

The hidden camera All Eyes on You Secretively abbreviated to All Eyes will primarily argent mothers with young children who may be re-entering the workforce, or young mothers who may hire baby-sitters to watch children when they are absent. The intention is to combine and expand the market to include caregivers of the elderly. With the baby-boomer generation retiring decisions are being made on the option of staying at home or being put in a nursing home, making an elderly care target a viable market that will rapidly increase, with an increasing high percentage of elderly people needing care.

Combined with the rampant increase in elderly-abuse, a high argent of professionals with old parents or with young children, health care workers, corporate users and regular people have the need for the security and comfort of being able to check up on loved ones who are put in someone else’s care. While security cameras that are placed around prominently on the perimeters of businesses can serve as a deterrent, there is a limitation of being obvious to a potential criminal, and allow avoidance of the coverage area of the camera.

All Eyes, however, has the distinctive advantage of being able to be camouflaged into any fixture, and an added value of being mobile. All Eyes, therefore, is not limited to securing a fixed area because it could even be placed in a favorite toy and taken to the playground. All Eyes will revolutionize the security and surveillance industry and offer the option of either taping data for later viewing, or for real-time on-demand viewing.

With the All Eyes promise of constant monitoring of loved ones – from young to old – babies to the elderly, with less intrusive care and attention, the target market potentially provides endless customers from individual care givers to businesses in health-care. 2. 2 Soot analysis This analysis will identify the internal factors and determine external factors of the business. It will also enable the company to stay on track with its mission statement by looking for opportunities to growth as long as weaknesses are minimized. Good customer relationship management The management of customer relations represents the biggest achievement as it allows for the retention of existing customers while attracting new ones. Employees will be well trained and have the capacity to resolve any difficulties that customers may face while in the office.

* Excellent quality of products and admirable services As a security camera company, the main purpose will be providing a solution to allay customers’ anxiety with the use of All Eyes.

The services offered to clients could amount to 60% of revenues, which is the reason why customers will be loyal.

* Innovative product Software, developed by the company for apple and android phone users enables all day connectivity and accessibility to the place where the camera has been installed. This provides possibilities of while being anywhere that a client needs to be, and at the same time provide access to enable a check-on and monitoring of all movements n the house.


* Not a well-known brand As a new company, it is burdensome to have a large market share in that industry.

This limits the ability to have a well-known brand that meets the benchmark fixed by the leading company. The limited recognition of the brand name has driven the advertising team to engage in active commercial communication to attract more customers.

* Limited application of the products The products function only with the wireless system and are able to record activities up to fifth away from the camera position, which compared to our competitor’s reduces offer more capabilities but cannot work using the wireless system.


* Facility to improve our products New security system and products come into the market place on a regular basis, which help us to improve our software application for apple and android phone users.

* Research and development The development of the technology is beneficial for the company because customers could use either wireless or G technology to check in on their home anytime required and have added security from regular security camera system updated monthly. Investments will continue in the research of new markets in order to expand product and service targets, thereby increasing the list of target customers.


* New entrant in the industry Our threat represents the new company entering that industry. Those new entrants come in with new ways and ideas to install and use the security camera.

* Speed of the technology The fast advancement in the technology is a challenge since the company needs to continuously think and act ahead of the new entrants while investing in new ways to improve software and installation systems.

2. 3 Competition

Today’s world not really private, and there is always invariably someone monitoring a security camera in all sorts of places.

It is clear, that, there is a large market for security cameras either in the office, home, on the streets, or public wants to gain customers’ trust by providing a variety of ways to hide a camera into an object. The competition is well-established and popular companies that already exist within the market. The companies are Superscripts, Plasmid, and Brochures Security. These competitors are selling high tech security solutions to customers; ranging from hidden cameras, counter surveillance, phone surveillance and security cameras.

The competition’s market positioning is to help customers protect themselves, families, businesses, and law enforcement. The competition provides safety and secures products, with the main common attribute of spy cameras placed in homes. Cameras are inserted into clocks, DVD’s, smoke alarms, and thermostats, etc. These products can offer voice recording and night vision or low light, and the companies offer Wi-If, wired, and, wireless cameras. In comparison, Superscripts doesn’t have the variety of objects to hide a camera in, but offer customized solutions that work for the customer.

Brochures Security has a wider range of products to hide security cameras than Superscripts, and goes as far as putting cameras into tissue boxes, a vanity mirror, teddy bear nanny cams, exit signs and plants. Plasmid has about the same range of products as Brochures security, but Plasmid uses a better strategy of showing the range of products available by separating the products into categories such as, wired hidden cameras, Wi-If hidden cameras, wireless hidden cameras, and DVD hidden cameras. However, Plasmid does not offer customized solutions like Superscripts and Brochures security does.

All Eyes on You Secretively wants to offer customized high tech solutions for the home only to families and single mothers. This is to protect children and also elderly parents that live with the targeted customers. The customer with young children may have a nanny and wants to monitor what goes on at home or wherever possible outside the home – during the day while at work, and or even at night when children are in someone else’s care. Another use is for monitoring the elderly left in the care of a home attendant where there’s a need to monitor for the feeling of security Just in case.

This is especially necessary with elderly abuse on the rise – making it imperative that nothing goes wrong with the level of care and there’s a satisfaction from feeling the peace of mind from protecting of loved ones. Another use could be Just securing the home to diminish the worry of leaving it unprotected.

2. 4 Product (Service) Offering

Although it is very common these days, to see security cameras in homes being used for different purposes, some people, especially parents, would like to have security camera installed in the house which is hidden and which cannot be recognized by the babysitter.

At this point All Eyes on You Secretively has a great idea to provide the service for parents. All Eyes on You Secretively installs security cameras in the toys and some objects in the house which are hard to recognize – items like a toy car, wall clock, a doll etc. The company installs cameras in different items all around the house. All the cameras are hidden and connected to a system which can be observed by parents. All actions will be recorded on tape recorders. A wireless component is included in the system which means parents can watch the house and children live and remotely.

For this service All Eyes on You Secretively has developed an application for Apple and Android phones. Basically the security camera system will connect to parents’ phones using wireless and G technology at problems might occur, there will be 2417 IT service. To avoid these problems IT service will be ready to solve the issue. First of all the feature of the service is fulfilling a purpose of being a hidden camera that no one knows about, besides the parents. Therefore the advantage of the service is pretty much making the parents comfortable to leave children with a babysitter.

The benefit of the security camera is not Just to keep an eye on the baby; it also watches the babysitter and monitors whatever activities occur in the house. The product will offer proof for any blame and in addition provide the customer with an insight into Just knowing all the secrets in the house.

2. 5 Keys to Success

There are several factors that will result with having this product, All Eyes to be successful. Keys to success will be listed as follows:

1 . Spreading by word of mouth, to targeted customers of care givers from people and to businesses, and from the health-care industry.

2. Using online tools, such as: postings to social media sites (Faceable, Twitter), and creating blobs, will include a traceable hyperlink that will allow us to know how many people clicked on each post; and to know how many are concerned with this dilemma.

3. General public needs to be aware of the clear, unique mission statement of the All Eyes products and its’ brand name that will become a long term patent.

4. Establishing strategic networking with various entities, such as: event promoters, business owners, and stockholders will help boost the All Eyes product even more.

5. Investing in Research and Development for All Eyes products’ future plan will allow improvement and innovation spanning the product’s lifestyle to further enhance the company’s growth and sustainability.

6. A nice thoughtful phone number like 1-800-ALLELES will be remembered by everyone.

2. 6 Critical Issues

Products will be delivered to customers via retail shops and the internet. All Eyes can be purchased at company retail stores or on the internet, which gives customers options to actually see the product before purchase, or to place orders from home at their convenience.

The online retail shop will also serve the needs of customers located far from the physical retail store. Customers will seek out All Eyes cameras in order to secure a sense of security through high quality products. It is very important that customers are able to shop with confidence; requiring an assurance that products purchased are high quality, and from a legitimate company. In order to achieve this, there will be a physical retail store. Even though the physical retail store will not be covering all customers, it is important to have an actual site where the actual products can be seen and touched.

It should also be mentioned that retail staff will be trained to be able to answer questions, as well as provide advice on which products suit which needs. The significance of having an actual store cannot be stressed more. However, as it was mentioned previously, an actual retail store will not be able to accommodate all customers, which makes the virtual retail store also an important distribution method. The virtual retail store will address two main issues that cannot be addressed with the physical retail store, which are convenience and catering to customers who are unable to visit our store.

The virtual store enables customers to place orders 2417, at the convenience of their home. Also, customers who do not reside in the proximity of the physical store are able to part of technical support service, by allowing customers to contact the company through emails and live chat. While a high importance is placed on face-to-face communication with customers, the internet store will provide experiences that are close to it.

3. 0 Marketing strategy

All research shows that parents are very concerned about their kids.

At this point, All Eyes on You Secretively is willing to reduce this concern and make parents more enforceable. The product and service which is offered by All Eyes on You Secretively is not common and easy to find in the security cameras market. Therefore providing a product that works properly is the first goal of the company. All Eyes will use high quality materials and a 2417 communication service with parents to provide a comfortable feeling to its customers. The advertising strategy will build on this purpose.

High quality and efficient service advertising will be used to build a sustainable business in the market. Baby magazines and websites are effective ways to reach the target. The company will focus on these media tools, because parents are more likely subscribe to these magazines. In addition some television shows which are about kids can be used to advertise the product and service. However, the customers will be the most important advertisement by recommending All Eyes as the best product and service through mouth-to-mouth promotions.

3. Mission

The mission of All Eyes on You Secretively is providing hidden cameras for parents to watch their kids, making sure the equipment works properly. Obviously there is a need for parents to leave their children with babysitters, even if only occasionally. The company is eligible to meet these needs and make the parents satisfied by installing the hidden security cameras all around the house. The customers are parents who are working and have kids. All Eyes on You Secretively creates an opportunity for parents, while they are not with their kids, to watch over children at any desired time.

In addition no one will know about these cameras besides the parents. Another value will be that the parents can install an application on their smart phone which is connected to the security system and enable them to monitor from all over.

3. 2 Marketing Objectives

Marketing objectives could be defined as the set of goals by the company in the purpose of firstly satisfying and maintaining customers while attracting new ones, secondly promoting new features of the existing products or new products and thirdly framing short and long term goal to be achieved in a given time frame.

All Eyes on You Secretively will focus on the following goals to meet marketing objectives: * The complete satisfaction of the customers * Analyzing and giving satisfactory feedback to the customers ‘ complaints

* Promoting All Eyes on You Secretively products quarterly to attract more customers

* Increase the sale to a minimum of 5% quarterly

* Innovation and diversification represents the only key to access more market

* Two years after launching the company, market research will be done in order to expand in the emerging market such as Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East

* Within 5 years, All Eyes will be amongst the leading companies in the industry

* Entertain and maintain good relationship with customers as well as with the company’s partner

3. 3 Financial Objectives

The All Eyes product is first and foremost aimed at providing security and comfort for Ovid ones and their caretakers; providing a sense of satisfaction and assurance of having chosen the right way to deliver on family obligations and responsibilities of keeping loved ones safe.

The business venture, to support this product has to be sustainable and reliably available to groom and retain a loyal customer base stretching down generations, where All Eyes will be the recognized synonym for “protector”. The product and service that goes along with providing this assurance has to itself remain readily available. Keeping All Eyes viable and profitable will provide the financial flexibility adapt readily with changing times and new cosmologies. All Eyes will be launched in North America, to provide a predictably safe staging platform, then, be followed by expansion with the “broadband boom” trend expected in “the emerging regions of Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East”, All Eyes will later be piloted through Latin America, Asia and eventually to Africa. Initially income yields will begin only in the third quarter of the launch.

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– initially to corporate health care centers to introduce and demonstrate the product’s potential – will be made by installing and maintaining about 500 ample, as an introductory promotional phase in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2012. From 2013, sales target will be 200 units to subscribers who will get the product – hardware – installed free but subscribe to the All-Eyes service component. Actual full sales will begin after the first quarter of 2013, targeting sales of 550 units through a market skimming strategy with prices at $1,200 per unit with an additional $10 monthly subscription for the service. Prices will be dropped to attract a larger segment and increase sales income on a scheduled time frame. North America Sales Forecasts

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