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Chevy Silverman Chevrolet SWOT Analysis

The Chevy Silverman Chevrolet vehicles without any doubt are giving consumers the quality they deserve. Chevrolet has received more 2013 J. D. Power initial quality awards than any other automotive brand. According to the 2013 J. D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study, Chevrolet received five segment awards, meaning that Chevrolet has received the most than any other car brand. With that being said, the Chevrolet Silverman truck had the honor to be one of the segment award recipients. I chose a 2014 Chevrolet Silverman 1500 LIZ as my final purchase for the following reasons.

First, the 2014 Silverman is said to exceed the highest of standards. It underwent through more than 13 million miles of testing which resulted in a truck that is stronger, smarter, and even more capable than ever before. One reason that made me pick a Chevy Silverman truck is because of its style. It provides a spacious and intelligent interior. It offers redesigned seats with more rear space in Double and Crew Cabs and with many other special features. Making the purchase means I will have two years or 24,000 miles of scheduled maintenance and not only that but owning a Chevy Silverman means having the

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best pickup coverage in America. The three different prices the Kelly Blue Book provides are the following. The first price, which is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, is $41,020.

This is the price at which the manufacturer recommends a dealer to sell the car. This is a reference point to begin negotiations with the dealer. Most cars typically are purchased for less than the MSP. The second price given by Kelly Blue Book is the fair purchase price. It is $40,092. This is the price people are typically paying a dealer for a new car.

This price s based on actual new-car transactions and adjusted regularly as market conditions change. The third and final price that was given by Kelly Blue Book is the Dealer Invoice. The price is said to be $38,218. This is the price the dealer has paid to the auto manufacturer for the car, including destination charges. Next, according to Cars. Com, the 2014 Chevrolet Silverman is worth $49,785. Therefore, based on the Kelly Blue Book price, the 2014 Chevy Silverman is Over-priced. I was surprised to find out that the Chevy truck would be extremely over-priced. It is said to be more than 10,000 over-priced.

I understand that is has a lot of features, like leather seats and a VI motor with fuel economy and one of the largest and most efficiently horse powers in the industry. Also, I believe this truck would be a great investment for me because I have prior experience with trucks. All the feedback I have gotten from the Chevy Silverman has been great; therefore I know I will not regret my decision in making this purchase. Not only are Chevy trucks known to be strong and efficient but also they are known to last for many years and undergo many paths with the same response.

Referring to the Chevy Silverman that I have selected, I will have to make some important information regarding the car insurance. I plan to get the full coverage for my truck without doubting it. Collision coverage is the minimum requirement for car insurance in the state of California. Collision is the coverage that gives you the broadest coverage and is always included in full coverage auto insurance. Collision coverage ensures your vehicle will be covered regardless of what SWOT By loosestrife cannot be purchased without comprehensive coverage anything other than an accident will still are covered.

This coverage will cover my truck from any damages. I will also get the car rental and roadside assistance. Next, there are many actions I could take to reduce my premiums. For example, I can be a good driver and watch my driving. In conclusion, I am certain that my Chevrolet Silverman is the best car for me. I know it is the best investment for me since it offers a lot of great features and I know I will be happy with my purchase. I am sure that I am going to be happy with my choice. The Chevy Silverman is a must have truck.

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