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Acme restaurant Marketing Plan

Who cannot effort to having dinner with their family in any expensive restaurants. We also think about our quality of service. Our slogan is customer is boss. Acme restaurant is located in 7/a Road. Diamond Dacha. It’s a new restaurant so for the first time we don’t have any branches. If we satisfied our customer through our better quality of service then we first run our business allover Dacha. We have different types of product with low cost. It’s a partnership business. We have three partners. We are very co-operative and conscious about individual’s task. We divided our working process point of individual’s ability of work.

I think we have some special features that can make us different than the existing restaurant in the market. Considering all the possible threats we can suggest the company that it will be profitable to enter this business. After estimating the cost and sales we can say that it will be profitable. So we think it is a good and appropriate marketing plan. Management control: Incorporate management controls, tasks and support systems into our plan. However, it is such as: * tracking.

Important that we acknowledge in our plan some of the basic controls

Time and attendance

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Operations checklists.

Ordering procedures.

Inventory control.

Safety policies.

Liability reviews.

Principles ; Identification of Partners:

We have some principles to run our restaurant and that are-

* Integrity: We avoid those situations which can hamper our principles or produce any sort of conflict of interest.

* Experience: We are three partners of ACME RESTAURANT have over 15 years experience in this Restaurant sector.

* Cost Control: We always try to control our cost such as-labor cost, Raw- trial cost, Cost of sales and any other cost. We do this because another way to maximize the profit is cost reduction.


We are very much concern to achieve two main objectives as we have set for our restaurant and those are l. Profit Minimization with the customer satisfaction, and II. Quality Control.

* Customer First: We believe that customer is the king of any business.

Food Production:

Most of the food will be prepared on the premises. The kitchen will be designed for high standards with efficiency and cleaned. Food will be made mostly to order and torte in large coolers in the basement.


This section should list the staff positions, the number of people needed for each position and the average rate of pay for the position.

List any recruiting plans or services we will use to hire our staff. Describe the hiring standards and interview process that will be used. This is not intended to be a labor cost projection. That will be addressed in the “financial projections” section of the business plan, to be discussed in a subsequent issue.

Customer service:

Describe plans for establishing service attitudes and policies. Include an overview on owe customer complaints will be handled and how the restaurant will go about getting customer feedback such as surveys or through mystery shoppers.


We should list suppliers for specialty products that make our business unique. Show contingency plans for replacing key suppliers. If our concept relies on unique products like imported items then we’ll want to have a backup plan readily available.

Market Size:

Our market size will be not that much big like KEF or Pizza Hut but our quality will compete with their quality and that’s why our market size will be small but due to our excellent quality our demand will be high. We need to invest near about TX. 5 lace to initially run our restaurant.

To get the opportunity to make and grow a new exciting menu with a strong brand extra amount will be needed. We are offering our foods under Asian perspective. To meet our customer demand we will use 5 suppliers: one of them will provide us the basic raw foods, another will provide us freezing items, another will provide us packets or poly bags to wrap the food, and another will busy to provide us the information about our competitors, another we will use when we will face over demand. With sales in excess of TX. 9 lace, the market for restaurant food is substantial, and the opportunity to build and grow a new exciting product this revenue.

Although the market is mature with heavy buyer/seller saturation, it is heavily segmented on food quality, style, modality and price, promotional activities and distribution channels.

Market Trends:

Today the contemporary food outlet must maintain its appeal within an increasingly health-conscious market. Worldwide the “diet” continues to gain momentum and this means that products with less appeal to the diet-conscious will suffer reduced success. Entrepreneurs continue to derive extraordinary profits from ‘health- conscious’ ventures.

Acme has designed to make the most of the publics increasing nutritional conscience.

Target Customer Profile:

The market for Acme restaurant products covers a large area of diverse and densely populated groups. Although it will located in an area where people travel to eat. It is also an area known for restaurant and catering services. Based on our demographic group we are targeting:

* Local population – The local population of Diamond is quite good. Here we can find all kind of people like- higher class and middle class. Diamond is one of the most beautiful ; expensive city in Dacha. Colleges and Universities – Diamond has covered up by many colleges ; Universities. Around 40% schools, colleges, ; universities are located in Diamond. So, we are targeting those schools, colleges, universities as our target customer.

* Local businesses – In Diamond, there are also so many local businesses including private banks, corporate offices and so on. The food concept and product image of Acme will attract 3 different customer profiles:

* The student – More young people have developed healthy eating habits. Some also go through a “health food phase” while in college. The health conscious person of any age or sex – This includes anyone on a restricted or prescribed diet or those who have committed too healthy diet.

* Curious and open-minded – “if you try it, you will like it. ” Through marketing, publicity, and word-of-mouth, people will seek out a new experience and learn that nutritious food can be tasty, fun, convenient, and inexpensive.

Product  Services:

Acme Restaurant will be offering a menu of food and beverages with a distinctive image. There will be the bar facility as well where our customer can get hard drinks if hey want and also soft drinks.

There will be three ways to purchase these products; table service at the restaurant, take-out from the restaurant, and delivery to home or collection of ethnic and American items with a common theme – healthy (low-fat, low cholesterol, natural ingredients), flavor, and familiar. Our goal is to create the image of light satisfying and still nutritious food. We will try our best to serve as early as possible to our customer. We will try to make some differentiation among our product category and we will try to give some options to our customers.

Pricing: Acme” Restaurant will be offering a menu of food and beverages with a distinctive price. There will be different prices for different foods. But because our main goal is to provide healthy food, so there would be low price for every food to give the price advantage to all the people of different classes in the society. We will add 15% vat as government charged on food.

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